Applique Bouquet

This quilt has been the banner of my blog for several years now and yet I don't think I ever got around to writing about it. The name is tacky, I know but could never think of a good name that fit. You'd think after the amount of work it took I would be willing to spend some time thinking of a better name but no... That's not the way I roll. (Scroll down for pictures)

         I found the quilts of Deborah Kemball in an old issue of Quilter's Newsletter and completely fell in love with her style. It has such great movement and flows wonderfully from one design to the next. The applique looks organic and diverse and yet the actually pieces are very simple. I picked up her book Beautiful Botanical's and decided to create my own design using her technique. I can't tell you how many times I flipped through the book, I've nearly worn down the spine...
I started with the tree trunk in the corner. Not exactly sure what I was thinking at the time, perhaps that I wo…

Sorting in Progress

Gift giving is not one of my strengths. I am a last minute shopper and struggle to find things that are specific to the gift receiver. Half the time I forget and awkwardly try to play it off that it didn't arrive in time. Then I pick up something after the fact and forget to give it to them anyways. I'm terrible. Every once in a while though I have a good run and am able to plan ahead or find something that sparks a bolt of inspiration to jump start the gifting process. I've found that having a theme helps me get over the initial hurdle of "what the f*** do I get people for Christmas...."
          I thought this year was going to be a good one. I had a few ideas and amazon at my fingertips! As you can probably tell from the tone of this paragraph I was wrong, so very wrong. Granted, getting out of school on the 21st didn't help. The last few weeks of school were packed with concerts and training and good old exhaustion. Despite the universal desire t…

Feel the BERN: A Quilt for Bernie Sanders

My husband is a die-hard Bernie Sanders fan, and he's from Vermont so he's got some good old home town loyalty going on. He was so excited at the prospect of Bernie running for president, then it actually kind of happened. He attended out local caucuses and tried canvasing and volunteering. We were down for change and the 2016 primaries were rough... hell, the whole election season was brutal (and the results of that election continue to be brutal... but that's not really what we're here to talk about...). 
        Anyways, I got the idea to make this mini from the pro-Bernie posters I saw online while hunting for protest poster ideas... Of course, this was after the election and it's unfortunate results, but I thought the silhouette was so striking it was just begging to be made into a quilt. The glasses and wild hair are too perfect. Then I came up with the idea for the caption and it seamed like a reasonable project again. I thought I was so clever and original, …

This post is just rocks....

This summer I found a new hobby. I know its December but hear my out. I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do.... Anyways, new hobby! Organizing rocks! sounds fascinating right?!?!?!... right.... 
In truth I found it to be very relaxing. I spent some time on Island with my family and found myself wanting to hang out at the beach like I used to do as a kid. While walking down the beach I kept noticing the most interesting rocks, green and pink especially caught my eye. For some reason I got it into my head that I wanted to start sorting the rocks around me by color and slowly my first color wheel evolved.  
I probably spent an 2 hours just sitting in the sun listening to music and the rearranging beach. By the time my dad came to meet me I was almost done and was able to convince him to help me gather shells. He was either very efficient at finding shells or very ready to go home so we finished it quickly.

 The next week I traveled up to Birch Bay for what could be described as …

Thestral-y Night Over Hogwarts

Since moving to Tacoma I have had the great honor of being a member of the Tacoma Modern Quilt Guild. Unfortunately this year, due to work obligations I have allowed my membership to lapse but remain a guild member at heart. One of my favorite challenged the guild has held was a mystery animal challenge. I pulled a random animal from a bag and had to make a small quilt featuring the animal. After drawing my animal I learned that one of the choices had been a "magical animal from Harry Potter" and I scrambled to trade, bargain, gamble or steal that one from the lucky lady who obtained it. Thankfully drastic measures were unnecessary and I was able to officially make my mini featuring one of my favorite fantastic beasts!

Technically thestrals are only visible to those who have seen death but I had an idea and it ended up taking me on a very interesting journey. Originally I though of doing an applique forest scene with the silhouette of the thestral quilted in…

That's One Way to Do it: Hawaiian Applique Update!

Every once in a while, while browsing Pinterest, I stumble onto my own projects and think to myself... "I don't remember pinning that".... which is cool because it means that someone is reading my blog and thought it was interesting or useful. That feels good. I recently stumbled onto a post I wrote years ago about designing your own Hawaiian applique. Upon reading it I realized that that very project was still unfinished and that seemed like a shame... so I finished it. And quilted it! I was fairly productive. Now it still needs to be bound but progress is progress right?    

It may yet take another 2 years to before this sucker is bound but I will celebrate my small success!
If your interested:
That's One Way to do it: Hawaiian Applique Tutorial - Part One: The Design
That's One Way to do it: Hawaiian Applique Tutorial - Part Two: The Prep In retrospect there are far easier ways to do this.... maybe use another tutorial.... 

Anchors Aweigh

I have an unhealthy addition to Tula Pink fabrics and huge quilts. Lucky for me I discovered this beauty while researching free motion quilting designs. Originally, I was drawn to the simplicity of Angela Walters patterns which featured water-like textures surrounding a rope that coiled down the anchor. What a cool design! I especially loved the rope. I had to make it! and quilt it!

While working at a local quilt shop I quickly collected the featured prints and substituted a few batiks when I couldn't find the right ones. At that point I had all the time in the world so I was able to piece it together soon after. My plan was to quilt it once I had devised a system of manipulating a HUGE quilt on my TINY machine....Then full-time employment hit and my plan went out the window... 
Time passed, quilting was done in short bursts during holidays. I slowly built a backlog of "someday" quilts and carefully folded and stacked them in plain view so I wouldn't forget about th…