Well this is just neat. When I was a kid, I never once imagine that I would have a place of my very own where strangers around the world could come a listen to me ramble on about anything on my mind. Hah! Not that anyone would have wanted to listen to the ramblings of a 7 year old girl. Had anyone been listening, they might have heard fragments of conversations with stuffed animals, blaring attempts to sing the latest hit on Radio Disney (is that even around anymore?) and the occasional proclamation of exasperation from an unappreciated and overworked parent. I'd like to think that I've become at least a little more interesting since then, though my parents tell me that I did have a wicked sense of humor as a kid. Lets just hope I haven't lost it.

For the most part I just wanted a outlet which did not require extremely formal and technical writing with no room for colloquialisms and common turns of phrase, let alone humor. Though here I just may find the opposite. If my writing happens to be riddled with syntax and spelling errors, forgive me. I'm merely trying to take advantage of a soapbox on which neither grade nor standing rely.

As you might infer from my previous statement, I am a college student. I've spent the last three years of my life jumping through hoops to get good grades, and I'll probably have a few more years before I'm finally through. I'm majoring in music education with an emphasis in percussion and I'm obsessed with minimalism and 16th century choral music. If you've never heard a Renaissance motet, you are wrong.

Currently I spend most of my day in moderately lit classrooms gazing out widows, in dark practice rooms imagining I'm gazing out windows, or in my mildly lit apartment doing homework, with the curtains drawn so as not to catch a glare on my computer screen. I love being outside and don't actually get out nearly enough. Thankfully, the semester is nearly over. In what free time I currently have, I sew and craft in various mediums. I've been knitting since I was 9, and I picked up quilting last spring with great enthusiasm. I did exactly what any experienced quilter would tell you not to do for your very first project: Start out big. I took on a king size sampler over spring break while the rest of my class mates were out enjoying their fleeting freedom. I'm very proud of how it turned out, though it might be a bit rough around the edges. Since then I've been obsessed. My stash has grown and my project queue has increased tenfold. I've got more projects than I can shake a stick at. 

Well I've enjoyed sharing this post and hope to share more soon, filled with delicious recipes and crafty projects and anything else you might care to hear a college student ramble on about. Now I'm off to sleep and tomorrow begin a week of finals


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