Last night I fell asleep listening to a sacred motet...

I mentioned before my obsession with sacred choral music. I love the harmonies and interlocking text which shape the piece. I love the passion and emotion as expressed through a group human voices singing together as one. Motets, especially renaissance motets, bring me to a place of peace within myself and, as I listen, I can feel myself melt away until I am aware of nothing beyond the music. Everyone has something that will place them in this mode, for many its golf or running, others yoga, and for some it just might be video games. Mine just happens to be sacred choral music.

I'm not a spiritual person and I would not say that I belong to any specific faith. I do find religion to be fascinating and I believe that it is important to study the beliefs which shape so many peoples lives. That being said, I do not feel that one needs to share the beliefs of others to find their music and literature and rituals to be beautiful or important.

Last night, as the interwoven voices filled our tiny bedroom, the music seemed to resonate within my very soul, as if to shepherd me into my dreams, a world of my own imagination. I was listening to a setting of O Vos Omnes by Pablo Casals composed in 1932. Here is a fabulous recording from King's College in Cambridge England:

The acoustics in the vast cathedrals across Europe are amazing and this video is a perfect example. I've listened to this recording almost 100 times. Granted a great many times were due to an assignment for my choral conducting class last semester, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I feel so lucky that I was able to study this piece and others like it during this class and I look forward to delving further into the genre in the years to come.


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