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My Alarmingly Charming Tote with tons of pockets and the zipper from HELL!

Ok, so I recently discovered the most adorable fabric and decided that it's name shall henceforth be known to all whom adore cute fabric. The fabric in question: "Hoo's in the Forest" by Riley Blake Designs. Yep, it's the fabric to rule over all other fabrics by a factor of +10 cuteness.

See that remarkably adorable deer and tiny skunk (vaguely reminicent of Pepé le pew is his youth perhaps)? Well, accompanying them are an equally adorable frog and a hedgehog to make you say "awwww". I knew that by the end of the weekend I would have something made of this fabric and I said as much to my coworker. She laughed. I always make exclamations and vows to start/finish projects while I'm working, I most of the time I forget by the time I get home. But not this time.

And so may I present to you my "Alarmingly Charming" Tote with tons of pockets and the zipper from hell.

I haven't quite perfected my talents in photography so forgive the badly li…

And I've already failed...

A few weeks ago I made a promise to myself to complete at least one crafting project every week. Truth be told it started out as one article of clothing a week because I want to start making clothing again, but nevertheless betrayed my own trust and utterly failed in the task I laid out before myself.  If I were my own employer I would be thoroughly disappointed... but I'm not so we're still in business. 

I started out strong with an Oh-Sew-Easy circle skirt to which I added a giant bow out of Moda's Dragonfly Summer line by Holly Taylor. I figured I could advertise the new merchandise at the quilt shop where I work, while experimenting with new patterns. I've made a few circle skirts before so I figured it would be a good way to ease myself back into the world of clothing.       

Okay, maybe its not that giant, but it definitely makes a statement.  

I ended up making the waist too big (oops!) so the not-too-giant bow helps to prevent me from losing my skirt altoget…