And I've already failed...

A few weeks ago I made a promise to myself to complete at least one crafting project every week. Truth be told it started out as one article of clothing a week because I want to start making clothing again, but nevertheless betrayed my own trust and utterly failed in the task I laid out before myself.  If I were my own employer I would be thoroughly disappointed... but I'm not so we're still in business. 

I started out strong with an Oh-Sew-Easy circle skirt to which I added a giant bow out of Moda's Dragonfly Summer line by Holly Taylor. I figured I could advertise the new merchandise at the quilt shop where I work, while experimenting with new patterns. I've made a few circle skirts before so I figured it would be a good way to ease myself back into the world of clothing.       

Okay, maybe its not that giant, but it definitely makes a statement.  

I ended up making the waist too big (oops!) so the not-too-giant bow helps to prevent me from losing my skirt altogether. I guess there are a few things I need to relearn, like how to make something that actually fits me :)

My Next Project (hopefully): The Infinity Dress. The blog "Sew Like My Mom" has a great tutorial which I found a little while ago. I can't wait to get started.

After making the skirt, I took brief hiatus to put together all 100 of my handmade wedding invitations. It took forever. Why did I want to do them all by hand you may ask? My answer: I have NO idea. Also, I'm not counting this among my projects-per-week tally since it needed to get done anyways... although if I do it might make me feel better about how I've been spending my time.

I made copies of the painting I did a while back and added some ribbon and elegant text on top of artfully glued purple card stock and voila! Now stick it in a stamped envelope and they are almost ready to ship.  

Since finishing those I've been a bit more productive. Yesterday I repotted several tomato plants and a pea plant into unsightly black pots. No matter, as long as the plants grow I will be happy :)

 I'm new to this whole gardening thing, so when I planted all those tomatoes, I didn't actually think they would all grow. And now they have, or at least started to. I have no clue what I'll do with all the tomatoes I'll eventually get.

I think I may need to start making a few trellises soon. 
I love pea plants :)

The lilac bush I planted last year in a discarded child's wagon seems to be doing well, though it doesn't have too many buds. I'm still somewhat surprised it survived the frigid  winter we have here in ND.

My cat chilling in the widow, watching me intently.

Finally, today I finished up my father's Birthday/Father's Day gift and got it sent out to Vashon. I found awesome fish fabric at my shop and decided to make a throw for those chilly night on the ferry dock to Vashon Island, or down on the beach casting a line or two. 

And my cat, once again, is in the middle of everything and exactly where I don't want her to be. 

I drew the fish with the purpose of using it for the front of the fathers day card I was making, but then decided that I couldn't cut it up, so I sent it along as well.

And that's an overly long report on what I've been up to for the past few weeks.


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