My Alarmingly Charming Tote with tons of pockets and the zipper from HELL!

Ok, so I recently discovered the most adorable fabric and decided that it's name shall henceforth be known to all whom adore cute fabric. The fabric in question: "Hoo's in the Forest" by Riley Blake Designs. Yep, it's the fabric to rule over all other fabrics by a factor of +10 cuteness.

See that remarkably adorable deer and tiny skunk (vaguely reminicent of Pepé le pew is his youth perhaps)? Well, accompanying them are an equally adorable frog and a hedgehog to make you say "awwww". I knew that by the end of the weekend I would have something made of this fabric and I said as much to my coworker. She laughed. I always make exclamations and vows to start/finish projects while I'm working, I most of the time I forget by the time I get home. But not this time.

And so may I present to you my "Alarmingly Charming" Tote with tons of pockets and the zipper from hell.

I haven't quite perfected my talents in photography so forgive the badly lit pictures. 

Ooooh, look at all the pockets! One can never have too many pockets.

And there it is folks, the Zipper from Hell! It looks peaceful now but what you don't realize is that it's resting after devouring the souls of 92 innocent handbags. They were taken too young and shall be remembered. But in truth, I nearly threw my trusty seam ripper out the window the 7th time I had to tear out the stitches. Deep breaths and a bit of therapeutic chocolate was all that kept me calm.       

All in all I'm happy with the finished product but I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet. I'm thinking of taking it for a spin tomorrow.  I think it will make a good diaper bag for when I eventually give into my fiances wishes and begin pumping out a brood of babies. That may be a few years down the line. Until then I will enjoy it for what it is, a cute tote with tons of pockets and yes the zipper from hell.


  1. So in love with those fabrics! The bag turned out so adorable, I'd be proud to carry it!

  2. Ha ha ha, so am I! I was thinking about writing up a tutorial if anyone was interested. It's pretty easy, except for the zipper of course :), and it would give me a chance to play with more adorable charm packs!


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