Here We Go Again!

Once upon a time, long long ago I decided to start a blog... and by long long ago I really mean about a year and a half ago. I figured starting a blog would be good motivation for my own crafty endeavors, and it was, I just forgot to write about them. Since failing to update said blog I've finished a few projects and started way more than I probably should have so here we go again.

I guess it's sort of a "New Years Re-resolution." I'm done with my classes for a little while and will have plenty to time on my hands so why not add "write" onto my todo list along with all of the other stuff I said I would to last year too. So without further adieu I give you my list. I figure that if I publish it online it might keeps me honest and on task in the new year. I guess we'll see!

Things to try/do in 2013:

1. Continue writing blog

                   1.a. Figure out how to use the blogger app...

2. Finish Wedding Quilts! (finally, it's been way too long)

3. Try silk painting

This is a new obsession. I'm hoping that I can utilize some of the same materials as batiking. This site had some great info!

Silk Painting Resist Method - Apply Dye

4. Finally try batiking. I've had the tools for over a year and I just haven't done it yet. How terrible is that?!

5. Make at least one historically inspired costume

6. Try smocking and other forms for fabric manipulation

 This blog has some really interesting links!

7. Finish appliqué project

Its been almost a year and I'm still going strong... on the same project...

Photo: Made some progress on my old appliqué project. I'm still working little by little.

            7.a. Start second appliqué project

8. Try cathedral window quilting technique

I've been meaning to try this for a while! It just looks so cool and this tutorial looks really useful.

9. Finish kaleidoscope and hollow cube quilt

10. Play horn and marimba more

11. Find more new and exciting project to take on

And finally

12. Work out more and eat healthier (cliche I know but whatever)

So... that's it folks. Stay tuned for more ramblings/lists/recounted exploits!


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