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Dang! Out of Thread!

At 11:55 last night I finally started machine quilting a project I started a while ago! Whoo! Yay. The project in question? A funky Dresden plate in The line Coquette by Chez Moi for Moda. I love her fabric! All of it!

Anyways, I started by hand quilting several Dresden plates in alternating squares to my appliqu├ęd plates. I think it turned out nicely but I didn't necessarily want to hand quilt the entire thing so I took it to the machine. 

I was about 85% of the way through my border when I ran out of thread :( Silly me, I thought 500 yards would be enough. I forgot of course that I had already quilted an entire quilt with it. Booooo. So I will have to postpone my completion until I grab more thread from the shop. If your reading this then I'm guessing you know the feeling. If not I suggest you try quilting, it's fun!
So yeah, I can't finish that project and I have a growing desire to quilt something! So what do I do? Honestly! I'm asking! I've used up all my …

All Done!

It took a few days but I finally completed my second (actual) lone star! I am extremely happy with how it turned out! I love how the colors worked together and that border is just magical! I love poppies! I am so lucky to have a space like the shop to take picture. The light is so much better there than in my living room. It's also wonderful to have all the table space for basting. I don't know what I would do without it.

The colors seem a little washed out in the photo... Oh well. I may be getting a fancy new DSLR camera on Friday (cross my fingers!) so I might be takin gong some nicer pictures soon! Hopefully! I'm pretty excited. Can you tell? Haha now on to more quilting! 
P.S. here's a bonus shot of me with the top:

Also I think I'm done with the tally, it is a bit confusing.

This Time I Got It Right!

I've decided to attempt another lone star quilt. I found out, even through my failed attempts, that I love making big stars! I love the bias piecing and matching the angled seams. Heck, I love "Y" seams. There's something about making a lone star that makes me slow down and enjoy what I'm doing in the moment. And it is so satisfying to see all those seams match up when you put the star points together. I just adore the whole process.

Ooooow, look at the pretty colors! I based my fabric choices on a piece of poppy fabric and I just had to pull the purples. I probably won't get too much further on this project tonight so that means I'll have something to look forward to tomorrow!
Otherwise I started hand quilting one of my original designs a few days ago. I love how its turning out! Oh and i finished a baby quilt top. I should get around to quilting it in the next week i think. I will try to post more pictures tomorrow when I have better lighting! 
The tall…

Snow Day!

Or should I say sew day!? We awoke to  a scene that was approximately 2 parts winter wonderland and 1 part blizzard and a multitude of closure notifications. I was pleasantly surprised to have another day to sew instead of heading into work. I enjoy my job but I enjoy sewing more. It's needless to say that it was extremely productive today!

I was able to finish quilting my runner today! I am pleased with how it turned out. It's not perfect but I think it shows progress.

Here's another shot of the back:

I decided on a sort of sun burst design for the setting triangles and I think it really works with the red and orange batiks I chose. 

In addition to completing the quilting on that runner I was able to finish its binding as well as the binding on two wall hangings and a lap quilt. I think that means I am all caught up! I can't believe it! So on to new adventures tomorrow. Night!


I am sad to say I didn't do any sewing yesterday! I can't believe it! Not a single seam! I was exhausted when I got home from work so my projects from Friday had to wait another 24 hours.

I was bad on Friday. Really bad. I bought fabric for 3 separate projects! Three! If I keep this buy pace up I'll be drowning in unfinished projects. The good news is that I was able to piece together 2 of them. Wooo! They we're pretty small table runners but I still feel accomplished! 
Here's what I've been working on for today. 

The colors aren't very accurate and the lighting is bad but whatcha' gonna do. The shop where I work is participating in a shop hop and we had to come up with a few patterns using a block of our choosing and this is mine. I wasn't asked to do it, I just really wanted to make something in those colors so we'll see if it gets used during the hop. I'm pretty obsessed with bright batiks right now so I'll jump at any excuse to use t…

A Quilted Star

A few days ago I finally had the opportunity to finish quilting the stars I started last week. I used both projects as an chance to practice some free motion quilting techniques, mainly pebbles, straight lines and orange peels. The key word is practice, haha. Some of my quilting started out rough but I will admit that by the time I was completely finished I was extremely happy with how they both turned out!

Here's the front of my first star but I think the back looks even cooler!

I love how the star turned out! I might have to do it again on another star... and that might mean making another star :) I love making stars! It also makes me want to take on a whole cloth quilt... But a whole cloth quilt sounds somewhat exhausting... I'll have to think about it...
As of 10:22 in the evening I don't have a very good picture of the second star and not nearly enough light to attempt one. I might post it next time. 
In other news, I have even more binding to complete, are you tired …

I can't say I accomplished much today...

But I did want to write something if only for the sake of maintaining some semblance of a routine. Day light savings hit me unexpectedly and I awoke to realize I'd slept in until around 11:15. It's been a while since I have had the chance to sleep much past 8 so that was a shock. I know once I have kids 8 am will be a luxury and sleeping until 11 will be positively unheard of so I'd better make the most of my morning while I still can. Then again, more sleeping means less sewing...

I was able to do a bit of sewing before being whisked off to lunch and a movie with my darling husband and friend. We saw Oz the Great and Powerful. I enjoyed it but was happy to come home to my machine. Once home and sewing I was able to get my borders assembled   for my Mini Eldon, start quilting my twin stars, and get about half my binding done on a quilt for a friend.  I also played with Instagram a bit. Not sure how a feel about it. Didn't capture the colors all that accurately but what…

Revisiting an Old Obsession

Back in the day, when I was young and didn't care if my projects had ugly seams or unfinished raw edges, I made quite a lot of clothing. It's how I started actually. I would whip out a skirt or dress for every occasion... And they would all have ugly seams and unfinished raw edges. As I have grow in both age and experience, I've come to find that I can't stand messy seams and unfinished raw edges. I've become less spontaneous and more afraid to make that first cut! I have always had an interest in fashion and yet now I fear my cautiousness may come to hinder the creativity I had in my youth.

Well today I met my fear head on and made a dress! Please excuse the messy room... I don't really have a legitimate reason, I'm just a messy gal sometimes. Anyways, I bought this fabric a while ago because I loved the way it felt. It's so soft and it flows like water almost. The colors were a bit loud to say the least but they've really grown on me. I figured I&…

Eldon Exposed!

I'm happy to announce that I have finished a total of... wait for it... 4 Eldon Blocks! They are beautiful and intricate and a bit frustrating but I am loving how they turned out. I even try to put them together tomorrow.

And here they are!

... Not sure why the next three are upside down but we'll roll with it...

This is one of the setting squares used to connect all of the stars. In the full size of the pattern there would be 9 but since I'm only making the 4 blocks I only need one. Whew *wipes sweat from forehead* I love these blocks but they take a bit to put together. There are a total of 144 piece in just one block! 144 piece! That's insane! I mean you strip piece the stars but still, that's ridiculous! And then there's the trimming. I'm always afraid I'm going to slice right through my finger when I'm trimming.

So yeah, that's what I did today and yesterday. Oh, and more binding... The tally: 3 completed blocks.

Just Something I Whipped Up!

This evening I've had the pleasure to listen to the blaring sound effects of my husbands video game "Smite" in which there is a character who proclaims "just something I Whipped up" often and loudly. If the noise hadn't been somewhat dampened by that of my sewing machine I might have gone insane, or at least developed one hell of a headache. Ah well, it's quiet and I am now the only one in the house "whipping" anything up.

Once again I worked today and came home bursting with ideas. I picked up more fabric for a few Eldon blocks which I intend to start tomorrow and some fabric to finish off my mistakenly 6 pointed stars. I got through installing the background in my first star before taking a break for dinner and a movie. By the end of my evening I had borders put on both of my stars! Yay! Now to quilt them and bind them and send them off to the grand folks.

So my tally sits at 2 for the day... Or is it 10 points? Oh and I prepped more bindi…

Binding, More Binding and Failed Lone Star Attempt Number 2...

Today was a bit slow on the sewing front. I got home from work and just didn't want to do anything. Scratch that. I wanted to sit on the couch and eat all of the girl scout cookies my husband brought home for me. But then I glanced to the slowly mounting pile of quilts to be bound and decided something needed to be done.

After stitching the binding on my small Swoon quilt I just recently finished quilting I ate dinner and watched Anna Karinina (and loved it! Great costumes!). After the movie, at about 9:15, I tried to revisit the Lone Star. I'd been thinking about it at work and had a little bit of an energy boost after the movie. Either that or I was tired enough to think that I could get something like that done tonight with ease. I was wrong. After sewing all my strips together and constructing my eight star point I tried to put them together.... But something wasn't right.... I accidentally cut my strips at 60 degrees instead of 45. Oops! Oh well I guess I will just h…