A Quilted Star

A few days ago I finally had the opportunity to finish quilting the stars I started last week. I used both projects as an chance to practice some free motion quilting techniques, mainly pebbles, straight lines and orange peels. The key word is practice, haha. Some of my quilting started out rough but I will admit that by the time I was completely finished I was extremely happy with how they both turned out!

Here's the front of my first star but I think the back looks even cooler!


I love how the star turned out! I might have to do it again on another star... and that might mean making another star :) I love making stars! It also makes me want to take on a whole cloth quilt... But a whole cloth quilt sounds somewhat exhausting... I'll have to think about it...

As of 10:22 in the evening I don't have a very good picture of the second star and not nearly enough light to attempt one. I might post it next time. 

In other news, I have even more binding to complete, are you tired of hearing that yet? Haha, until next time!


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