Binding, More Binding and Failed Lone Star Attempt Number 2...

Today was a bit slow on the sewing front. I got home from work and just didn't want to do anything. Scratch that. I wanted to sit on the couch and eat all of the girl scout cookies my husband brought home for me. But then I glanced to the slowly mounting pile of quilts to be bound and decided something needed to be done.

After stitching the binding on my small Swoon quilt I just recently finished quilting I ate dinner and watched Anna Karinina (and loved it! Great costumes!). After the movie, at about 9:15, I tried to revisit the Lone Star. I'd been thinking about it at work and had a little bit of an energy boost after the movie. Either that or I was tired enough to think that I could get something like that done tonight with ease. I was wrong. After sewing all my strips together and constructing my eight star point I tried to put them together.... But something wasn't right.... I accidentally cut my strips at 60 degrees instead of 45. Oops! Oh well I guess I will just have to adjust my plans. Up side is I now have enough star points to complete 2 stars. I'm thinking twin wall hangings to go to the grandparents. I'll see what I can make of them tomorrow.

The last item of the day was cutting the binding strips for the first completed wedding quilt (of 3) that I started the summer before I got married (about 1.66 years ago). They've been a long time in the making so its nice to have a little bit of closure.

So the talley for the day sits at 2.5 completed tasks... I guess. I might have to come up with some sort of point system. 1 point for a completed block, 5 points for completed top, 10 points for completed quilting, 20 points for overall completed project? Hmmm let me think on the point system a bit.


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