I can't say I accomplished much today...

But I did want to write something if only for the sake of maintaining some semblance of a routine. Day light savings hit me unexpectedly and I awoke to realize I'd slept in until around 11:15. It's been a while since I have had the chance to sleep much past 8 so that was a shock. I know once I have kids 8 am will be a luxury and sleeping until 11 will be positively unheard of so I'd better make the most of my morning while I still can. Then again, more sleeping means less sewing...

I was able to do a bit of sewing before being whisked off to lunch and a movie with my darling husband and friend. We saw Oz the Great and Powerful. I enjoyed it but was happy to come home to my machine. Once home and sewing I was able to get my borders assembled   for my Mini Eldon, start quilting my twin stars, and get about half my binding done on a quilt for a friend. 
I also played with Instagram a bit. Not sure how a feel about it. Didn't capture the colors all that accurately but what'cha gonna do.
Here's one of the star quilts. I really enjoy the texture of the 1/4 inch echo quilting inside the diamonds but it took a while to do. I forgot to take a good picture of the second one. I'll do it tomorrow. 

So the tally is one finished quilt top, two tops with quilting started, and 1/2 binding done on a medium sized lap quilt. Whoooo! 


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