Just Something I Whipped Up!

This evening I've had the pleasure to listen to the blaring sound effects of my husbands video game "Smite" in which there is a character who proclaims "just something I Whipped up" often and loudly. If the noise hadn't been somewhat dampened by that of my sewing machine I might have gone insane, or at least developed one hell of a headache. Ah well, it's quiet and I am now the only one in the house "whipping" anything up.

Once again I worked today and came home bursting with ideas. I picked up more fabric for a few Eldon blocks which I intend to start tomorrow and some fabric to finish off my mistakenly 6 pointed stars. I got through installing the background in my first star before taking a break for dinner and a movie. By the end of my evening I had borders put on both of my stars! Yay! Now to quilt them and bind them and send them off to the grand folks.

So my tally sits at 2 for the day... Or is it 10 points? Oh and I prepped more binding. It seems like I've been doing a lot of that recently...


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