Revisiting an Old Obsession

Back in the day, when I was young and didn't care if my projects had ugly seams or unfinished raw edges, I made quite a lot of clothing. It's how I started actually. I would whip out a skirt or dress for every occasion... And they would all have ugly seams and unfinished raw edges. As I have grow in both age and experience, I've come to find that I can't stand messy seams and unfinished raw edges. I've become less spontaneous and more afraid to make that first cut! I have always had an interest in fashion and yet now I fear my cautiousness may come to hinder the creativity I had in my youth.

Well today I met my fear head on and made a dress!
Please excuse the messy room... I don't really have a legitimate reason, I'm just a messy gal sometimes. Anyways, I bought this fabric a while ago because I loved the way it felt. It's so soft and it flows like water almost. The colors were a bit loud to say the least but they've really grown on me. I figured I'd try to make a maxi dress so I cut and draped and pinned and sewed and ended up with this. I am actually pretty happy with it.

Here's a shot of the back. The straps can also be tied as a halter if I want to mix things up! I think it will be perfect for the cruise my husband and I are going on soon!

In other news here's a picture of the completed Eldon squares all put together (I forgot to post it yesterday! Oops!)

I picked out borders and can't wait to put it together. Oh and I prepped more binding. I think this is becoming a theme... So the tally stand at 1 dress, and binding for 2 quilts and cathedral window class materials (oh yeah! I'm teaching my first class tomorrow! Woooooo!). Maybe 13 points? I think the dress should count for more than 5... 


  1. I love your blocks and fabric choices! This is such a cute pattern. Did you design it?
    p.s. Mary Johnson is my sister ~ that's how I found you on FB :)

  2. Hi! ut's nice to officially meet you@ Unfortunately I can't take credit for the design (as much as I wish I could haha). The blocks are from Edyta Sitar's Eldon (Laundry Basket Quilts). I did play with the lay out a bit since I wasn't entirely prepared to make 16 of the blocks. four was enough for me! I really like how the fabrics turned out too. I started with stuff I had laying around but ended up buying fabric for the other three blocks so they all went together. I wouldn't be surprised if I have enough for anther star or two. I love batiks!


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