This Time I Got It Right!

I've decided to attempt another lone star quilt. I found out, even through my failed attempts, that I love making big stars! I love the bias piecing and matching the angled seams. Heck, I love "Y" seams. There's something about making a lone star that makes me slow down and enjoy what I'm doing in the moment. And it is so satisfying to see all those seams match up when you put the star points together. I just adore the whole process.

Ooooow, look at the pretty colors! I based my fabric choices on a piece of poppy fabric and I just had to pull the purples. I probably won't get too much further on this project tonight so that means I'll have something to look forward to tomorrow!

Otherwise I started hand quilting one of my original designs a few days ago. I love how its turning out! Oh and i finished a baby quilt top. I should get around to quilting it in the next week i think. I will try to post more pictures tomorrow when I have better lighting! 

The tally's up to 9 points for today?


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