New Toy!

I recently, and by recently I mean today, purchased a new camera which I am ecstatic about!. It's all shiny and new (kind of, I bought it from a friend) and takes much better pictures than anything I've ever owned. There's an entire world out there to take pictures of! So what do I shoot with my new camera? My animals. Over and over again.

 I'm pretty sure my cat made this same face in every photo I took! Slightly annoyed and yet somewhat interested. She stayed like that for almost 20 shots.... Completely still....

Who's the handsome puppy?! Watson is the handsome puppy!

Once my dog figured out I was taking pictures he got a little shy and kept running away from me :( That just means I have to take more pictures so he can get used to the camera. Hah!

Oh course my next task was to make something for my new camera. When I get a new toy I always have to make something for it. So I made a camera strap. And took in process pictures with the new camera. You probably don't want to see them, they are boring and artsy. 

So yeah, this may be the last picture I post with an iPhone camera photo! Maybe. Although there is still the convenience of the iPhone,  but what is convenience when compared to quality! Until next time!


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