Pennant Banners!

I've been meaning to post this for a while but I kept forgetting to take pictures at the shop. Ta-Da
Again, it's not a great picture but you work with whatcha' got. I had been wanting to make a pennant banner for a while and since we have a shop hop coming up I thought it might be fun to have something festive! And they match the colors on the flyers! Hah! Anyways, I thought I'd post how I made it just in case anyone was interested.


4 fat quarters (or more...or less)
Ribbon (3/4")
Pinking sheers 
Rotary cutter
Tri-recs ruler (or other isosceles triangular ruler)

Step 1: I started off by straightening the edge of my fat quarter then cutting my fat quarter into [3] 6.5" x 22" strips.  

Rotate much?
Step 2: layer the strips evenly then, using your triangular ruler, cut as many triangles as you can from the [3] strips. I was able to make 4 cuts giving me a total of 12 triangles. You can also use the 60 degree line on any longer ruler, though that will make your triangle equilateral, which is ok of course,

Step 3: Take two triangles, layer evenly and stitch together using roughly a 1/4 inch seam. Repeat until you have no more triangles left.

Step 4: Trim the edges of your finished triangles using pinking sheers to create a finished zigzag edge.

Step 5: Stitch your finished triangle flags onto the ribbon.

and voila! Easy as Pie... which isn't very easy at all... Well the filling is easy, but the crust can be very difficult. So easy as pie filling...

Here's my flags hanging at the shop making everything all festive!...


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