Poppies... Poppies. Poppies will put them to sleep. Sleeeeep. Now they'll sleeeeep!

Poppies are certainly putting me to sleep.! Under a nice new quilt that is!... Sorry! it was too good to resist.

Flora Poppy Border Stripe Red

Isn't that fabric gorgeous! We just got it in at the shop and I had to make a quilt...which you saw a few days ago. I was so pleased with how it turned out I just had to make another!  Well, I guess that's not entirely correct. I offered to make another for a friend of mine if she purchased the fabric. The perfect project. I can play with the fabric and sew to my hearts content and I don't have to buy anything! I have to give it up... but that's alright since I'm running out of room in my closet anyways ;)

I must admit, even after making a second entire quilt out of these poppies, I still want one for myself. I can't believe I'm saying (or rather typing) this but I might have to make another one to keep... I sure my husband will be thrilled! I've already been told quite a few times that I need to clean up the living room (my current sewing space). My stuff seems to be slowly expanding into previously unsullied territory. It drives my husband nuts! Oh well, he will have to deal. 

We're leaving next week on a month long vacation (Ridiculous! I know!) so I'm trying to get as much sewing done while I still can. I will be without a sewing machine for 30 whole days! But we will also be on an international cruise so I think I can handle it. I am planning to take along an applique project to keep my hands busy. Hmmm I still need to prep that.... I'll add it to my every growing To-Do-Before-We-Leave list. Anyways, off to do some more sewing! At 10:30 at night!  


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