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That's One Way To Do It: Hawaiian Applique Tutorial - Part One: The Design!

Hello creative people! While working on my first Hawaiian applique project I got a lot of questions about where I got the pattern and how I had started the project. The answer? I designed it myself and came up with my own way of implementing my design.

I couldn't find a tutorial on line and I didn't have time to order any books or patterns online so I resorted to my favorite technique: try things until something works. Besides, everything I've read about Hawaiian applique says that you should use the your own designs because they come from your heart. Anything else wouldn't be true to you. My methods probably wasn't how you are "supposed" to do it but I've never been for doing things the "right way" anyways. And it turned out cool so why should I question my methods? Anyways, I though it might be fun to share so here goes!
Part One: The Design Materials:
         I used a 14"x17" Mix Media art pad and a chunk of butcher pap…

Around the World and Back for Basting

Just in case I forgot to mention it before I started this project just before leaving for Australia. I wanted needed something to work on while apart from my sewing machine.I thought that Hawaiian applique would be convenient and hassle free when it came to traveling. It's only two pieces of cloth so there wouldn't be too much to keep track of. I brought my project, a few needles and pins, scissors, and a spool of thread. Turns out it was the perfect project! I had so much fun working on it, both on the boat and off. I finished the applique on Wednesday after maybe 25 hours of work (probably more). YAY! It felt really great t actually finish an applique project! My first big applique project is still in progress... I should really work on that...

Anyways, I got this one basted on Thursday and started quilting before heading of the a guild meeting (my first one!).

 While I like the echo quilting of traditional Hawaiian applique I wanted to do something a bit different. I also w…


It has recently come to my attention that I have been trying to post things which have never actually shown up on my blog. Silly iPhone App! I have at least 3 posts that never arrived! That's no good! From now on there will be no more unreliable iPhone app posting. I'm done with that. So tonight I hope to resume my usual posting with vigor and/or vim and none of this app business. I have to issue an update about my Hawaiian Applique! I started quilting it and I looks really neat. I can't wait to show you all.
 Oh and maybe I will do a tutorial on how I created my design! That could be fun. So many things to think about. 
See you soon!

OVER 600!

Wait... that means I have to film myself singing a thank you song...hmmmm. Hold that thought. I will be back shortly... In the mean time here is a cool picture from when I was in Japan:

Bright Owls in the Gentle Shade

I've been busy these past few days! I got home and hit the ground running... after a few days of adjustment. My first completed project was a table topper sample for the shop by Southwind Designs called "Lucky Hearts". Their patterns are so creative and gorgeous. I'd been meaning to try one for a while so I was really happy when I walked into my shop and was handed a kit to sew up. I can't wait t try another one! I'm thinking something involving turtles or dragonfly's. The flowers are really nice too. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture before handing it off to the shop this morning.

My second big accomplishment was another rendition of the Roly Poly Owl block I put together a few weeks ago before we left for our trip. I had already cut out all the pieces using my nifty drunkards path templates so I pieced it together yesterday and quilted it today.

The dark blue owl sort of reminds me of Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro. I loved that movie when I was…

Back And Ready for Action!

So as you may be aware I've been out of the country and away from home for roughly a month. We just got home a few days ago and have slowly adjusting to the slower pace of life here in the mid-west after spending some time out in the world.

A month ago, after a brief night with my folks in Seattle, my hubby, my grand parents and I headed off to start out adventure in Sydney, Australia! I could not believe I was in Sydney! It's Sydney! I got to see the Sydney Opera House! I was even more awesome than I thought it would be. I think it's safe to say I loved Sydney!

After a short but entirely fulfilling stay in Sydney, we sailed off into the sunset so visit the south pacific.

We stopped in New Caledonia




and Vancouver!

I learned how to use my new toy and got a few cool shots:

 (Totally edit free by the way)

And I got to spend so really great quality time with my grand parents!

 I also became obsessed with taking pictures of sunsets! This one was taken as w…