Around the World and Back for Basting

Just in case I forgot to mention it before I started this project just before leaving for Australia. I wanted needed something to work on while apart from my sewing machine.I thought that Hawaiian applique would be convenient and hassle free when it came to traveling. It's only two pieces of cloth so there wouldn't be too much to keep track of. I brought my project, a few needles and pins, scissors, and a spool of thread. Turns out it was the perfect project! I had so much fun working on it, both on the boat and off. I finished the applique on Wednesday after maybe 25 hours of work (probably more). YAY! It felt really great t actually finish an applique project! My first big applique project is still in progress... I should really work on that...

My first applique project. I'm getting there... sort of...

Anyways, I got this one basted on Thursday and started quilting before heading of the a guild meeting (my first one!).

At the shop after basting
 While I like the echo quilting of traditional Hawaiian applique I wanted to do something a bit different. I also wanted to practice. I just recently discovered McTavishing (developed by the brilliant Karen McTavish) and fell in love with the designs, or more the feeling. It just seemed to flow. I had to try it, and with all that background space this seemed to be the perfect project.

 This is what I started with on Thursday evening. It was hard to walk away from my machine, but worth it in the end. I had a really fun time at my first guild meeting. I did however end up quilting a bit more when I got home. And my a bit I mean roughly two and a half hours. After probably 6 hours of quilting (probably more) I ended up with this....

I had filled in all the white spaces but hadn't decided what to do with the borders. While part of me wanted to leave them unquilted because it looked neat, the more practical part of me realized this would cause my borders to ripple and maybe even distort. After a few hours of deliberation and some helpful advice I decided to return to the traditional approach and add some echo quilting.

I wasn't able to get a good picture with top including the borders in nice light... You can get the feeling of the borders though. I wasn't sure how I felt about them at first but after a bit I came to really like how they looked.

I just thought this one looked kind of cool...

And then there's my dog...

Oh! In other news, it recently warmed up enough here to start planting things! Here's the start of this years mini garden!

I can't wait to start gardening for real! Talk at y'all soon!


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