Back And Ready for Action!

So as you may be aware I've been out of the country and away from home for roughly a month. We just got home a few days ago and have slowly adjusting to the slower pace of life here in the mid-west after spending some time out in the world.

A month ago, after a brief night with my folks in Seattle, my hubby, my grand parents and I headed off to start out adventure in Sydney, Australia! I could not believe I was in Sydney! It's Sydney! I got to see the Sydney Opera House! I was even more awesome than I thought it would be. I think it's safe to say I loved Sydney!

After a short but entirely fulfilling stay in Sydney, we sailed off into the sunset so visit the south pacific.

We stopped in New Caledonia




and Vancouver!

I learned how to use my new toy and got a few cool shots:


 (Totally edit free by the way)

And I got to spend so really great quality time with my grand parents!


 I also became obsessed with taking pictures of sunsets! This one was taken as we sailed away from Honolulu, Hawaii.

This one was taken as we sailed from Vancouver, through the San Juan Islands, to Seattle

Of course I also had a bit of time to do some sewing (although you can't see much because my exposure was accidentally turned way down. Oh well.) I'm almost don't with the applique now and will post more photo's before I start to quilt it!

I was a hard trip to come home from. But I am glad to be back and sewing again! I just found out tonight that Lindsay from Craftsy liked to my post about new york beauty templates. I can't express how excited that makes me feel. It's a little silly I know but I really appreciate it! Thank You!

That also means I really do have to post the rest of the templates I came up with, which I will do tomorrow as it is in the wee hours of the morn now, and my jet-lag is starting to catch up with me. 

This is so cool! Over 400 views! Maybe once I reach 600 I will sing a silly thank you song and post it. Ha! Anyways, Ciao!


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