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Radient Lone Star

After a little bit of contemplation I finished quilting my lone star with rays emanating out from the set in triangles and squares. I think it turned our ok!

I finished off the borders with a geometric meander. Not for any particular reason, just I though I needed to practice and I might look neat (which I think it kind of does). Throughout the process I discovered that the visibility on my machine is low. You would think I would have noticed it before... I had a really hard time mirroring my rays because I couldn't see my first squiggly line. It was silly.

I also learned, upon later inspection, that you cannot see the green in the center of the star at all :( ah but such is life.

In other news, there is a thunderstorm going on this evening. I love thunderstorms! There is something about how lightning shatters the utter darkness that I can't help but find fascinating, and I  the love how the sound of thunder rolls around me like a physical wave. It reminds me of the awe inspir…

Back to Basics

After some time away from my machine following the adventure to Duluth and back, I once again felt the need to "quilt something." When I was younger I would get the sudden urge to "make something". I wouldn't know what I wanted to do I just knew I wanted to create SOMETHING. Sometimes it was a piece of clothing or a bag or a weird fabric Frisbee-like construction that ended up looking like a bubble skirt form the 80's.
 I now get the desire to "quilt something" which is not at all undesirable. It's also a good thing I have so many unfinished projects at hand. I decided to pull out a my very first lone star, completed earlier this year. I was a somewhat successful experiment with some matching points and weird wibbly-wobbly borders. That's OK though. My thinking is that it will quilt out... or at least I hope it will. I figured it would also be a good opportunity to practice my feather some more.

I would like to think that they are getting…

Back From The Show And Ready To SEW!

A few days ago I had the amazing opportunity to accompany a delightful group of women to the Minnesota Quilt Show in Duluth and it was Amazing! I mean I cannot truly express how much fun I had. Our group shot hopped over to Duluth Minnesota the day before. I tried to be good and save my money for the show... emphasis on the word "tried" haha. Although truth be told I came away from the weekend with only a small bundle of treasure compared to the haul my companions took in!

We ended up renting a house in the area for the nights before and after we went to the show. It was such a nice place to come "home" to after 8 hours at the show. The show itself was amazing. The quilts were incredible and the vendors were outstanding. I came away with not only a bounty of information on longarm quilting machines, but boundless inspiration and motivation to continue quilting.  My favorite part of the show was that I got to see some of the quilts that inspired me to star free-moti…

Nothing to write about....

It's been a little bit since I posted the second part of my Hawaiian applique tutorial and I figured it was about time to post again. But what to post? I've been in the doldrums of inspiration recently. For some reason it has been hard for me to jump back into what I was doing before we left on the trip. I have plenty of ideas and I constantly want to quilt, I've just been having difficulties actually getting started. Anyone else ever have this problem?

 In other news I had a really weird dream last night. I dreamed that while running around New York City I happened to find a Tula Pink store and got the chance to met the gal herself! I was surrounded by wonderful fabric, a whirlwind of ribbons, and an incredibly pushy staff. Needless to say I was very excited, though the attendants could have been a bit nicer (I'm sure they would be amazing in real life!). 

I spent a while wandering around the shop before learning that there was a special even going on that day! There…

That's One Way To Do It: Hawaiian Applique Tutorial - Part Two: The Prep

It's a beautiful Sunday and I am ready to start sewing... but first there are a few things I need to take care of... Just in case you missed part one here it is!
Part Two: The Prep Materials:
-Design you created last time
-Fabric for your background and applique
-Masking Tape
-Pen to mark fabric
       (I used both water soluble and permanent fine tipped pens. Fabric pencils would also work. Just test your pen or pencil beforehand to make sure you can see your lines before you start tracing)
-Safety Pins (optional)

Step One:

 Press your fabric and cut to a square a bit larger than your design. It is better to have too much border than not enough. I folded one corner of my fat quarter up diagonally to find the new edge of my square. Because I didn't need this first square to be even I just estimated and cut with scissors.

Step Two:

Mark the very center of the square and the edge of the diagonal bisecting lines with an erasable pen or pencil.

You can find the r…