Back From The Show And Ready To SEW!

A few days ago I had the amazing opportunity to accompany a delightful group of women to the Minnesota Quilt Show in Duluth and it was Amazing! I mean I cannot truly express how much fun I had. Our group shot hopped over to Duluth Minnesota the day before. I tried to be good and save my money for the show... emphasis on the word "tried" haha. Although truth be told I came away from the weekend with only a small bundle of treasure compared to the haul my companions took in!
Fabric and thread and flyers for longarms!
I LOVE the colors in that bundle! Ok, ok I love it all!
We ended up renting a house in the area for the nights before and after we went to the show. It was such a nice place to come "home" to after 8 hours at the show. The show itself was amazing. The quilts were incredible and the vendors were outstanding. I came away with not only a bounty of information on longarm quilting machines, but boundless inspiration and motivation to continue quilting.  My favorite part of the show was that I got to see some of the quilts that inspired me to star free-motion quilting in person!

Photo: Also this is a bit better quality :)

The pictures (especially my camera phone pictures) could never possible do them justice. It was both humbling and completely inspiring to see these amazing works of art with my own two eyes. Part of me thought "I will never be capable of anything this beautiful" and another part of me wanted to run home and start trying! I couldn't wait to get back to my own sewing machine.


Isn't that just incredible?!Such Detail! And what great colors!


This one was part of a wonderful series of challenge quilts. Each wall hanging was originally constructed as a single tree. The creator then quartered the trees and traded so they ended up with a total of four different trees including their own. I just though this was such a creative way to tie four completely different trees together. It was striking.

In other show related news I think I may have narrowed my search for my longarm quilting machine. I tested almost every machine they had at the show and I fell in love with APQS. Obviously I still need to do more research and testing but the APQS machine I tried just felt right. We worked well together. I can't wait to continue my research.

Leaving the show was hard but I still had a few days with my group. On Wednesday morning I barely knew most of them but by this afternoon it was hard to say goodbye. I feel like I make some wonderful (and unexpected) friends during this trip. We ended up doing a bit more hopping as we made out way back to the western part of the state. We spent our last night at an adorable set of lake cabins. They were so cute they made you want to just give up life in the normal world and live in the woods forever.


This morning we awake to a gorgeously sunny morning and had a leisurely coffee and breakfast on the deck before reluctantly hopping back in our cars and driving back to Grand Forks. It was the perfect ending to an amazing adventure. I can't wait to do it again!

At least when we got back home it was still pretty nice out. Not the same... but still nice. 


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