Back to Basics

After some time away from my machine following the adventure to Duluth and back, I once again felt the need to "quilt something." When I was younger I would get the sudden urge to "make something". I wouldn't know what I wanted to do I just knew I wanted to create SOMETHING. Sometimes it was a piece of clothing or a bag or a weird fabric Frisbee-like construction that ended up looking like a bubble skirt form the 80's.

 I now get the desire to "quilt something" which is not at all undesirable. It's also a good thing I have so many unfinished projects at hand. I decided to pull out a my very first lone star, completed earlier this year. I was a somewhat successful experiment with some matching points and weird wibbly-wobbly borders. That's OK though. My thinking is that it will quilt out... or at least I hope it will. I figured it would also be a good opportunity to practice my feather some more.

I would like to think that they are getting better :). I also really wanted to use my new thread! I quilted the center of the star with the King Tut variegated (green-yellow-purple). I wasn't sure exactly how I felt about it initially but after some progress I thought the colors blended well with the fabrics in the star. The quilting stands out but not too much. Ok maybe it's a little distracting, but I kind of like it! 

Here's a close up of some of the quilting. You can actually see the thread!

Here's Ms. Millie also enjoying the quilting. I gradually coming to terms with the fact that I one of "those" people who post hundreds of pictures of their cat. It happens. I my defense: it is impossible to take pictures of my quilts without her interfering! So I guess I will roll with it. Tomorrow I intend to tackle the background. I already have some fun ideas. Also, I keep dreaming of quilting. Is that weird? Last night I dreamt of piecing 45 degree diamonds together. I remember having an awesome idea... now if only I could remember what it was. Maybe it will come back to me tonight.     


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