Nothing to write about....

It's been a little bit since I posted the second part of my Hawaiian applique tutorial and I figured it was about time to post again. But what to post? I've been in the doldrums of inspiration recently. For some reason it has been hard for me to jump back into what I was doing before we left on the trip. I have plenty of ideas and I constantly want to quilt, I've just been having difficulties actually getting started. Anyone else ever have this problem?

I think I've had a hard time adjusting to real life again.

 In other news I had a really weird dream last night. I dreamed that while running around New York City I happened to find a Tula Pink store and got the chance to met the gal herself! I was surrounded by wonderful fabric, a whirlwind of ribbons, and an incredibly pushy staff. Needless to say I was very excited, though the attendants could have been a bit nicer (I'm sure they would be amazing in real life!).

I spent a while wandering around the shop before learning that there was a special even going on that day! There was a casting call! For the new companion on Doctor Who! I think my love affair with that show has gone a little too far, it's infecting my dreams... and that sounds exactly like a plot directly out of the show...

 Anyway, I figured I might as well audition and was ushered into a tiny room with a video screen and did something auditiony and then was interrupted by Tula Pink's private strike team... Because in my head Tula Pink has her own personal security/special ops force. Not sure why. Weird. After that the the dream moved off in some random direction that didn't want to stick with me (I think my camera was stolen) and I woke up eventually with only the strangest parts of an odd story. But isn't that how it always turns out.  

In other other news I'm going to my first big quilt show on Wednesday and I can't wait! It should be really fun and I hope to take lots of pictures. That's all I have for tonight.


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