Radient Lone Star

After a little bit of contemplation I finished quilting my lone star with rays emanating out from the set in triangles and squares. I think it turned our ok!

Photo: Here is a better picture of my first lone star! Just, you know, because... 

I finished off the borders with a geometric meander. Not for any particular reason, just I though I needed to practice and I might look neat (which I think it kind of does). Throughout the process I discovered that the visibility on my machine is low. You would think I would have noticed it before... I had a really hard time mirroring my rays because I couldn't see my first squiggly line. It was silly.

I also learned, upon later inspection, that you cannot see the green in the center of the star at all :( ah but such is life.

In other news, there is a thunderstorm going on this evening. I love thunderstorms! There is something about how lightning shatters the utter darkness that I can't help but find fascinating, and I  the love how the sound of thunder rolls around me like a physical wave. It reminds me of the awe inspiring power of the natural world. Night all, I'm going to enjoy my storm!


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