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New Obession: Chess!

A few months ago, while sailing across the Pacific ocean or a floating hotel, I discovered I really enjoyed playing chess. We were wandering around the boat after dinner one evening and noticed they had a few chess sets in the library. We sat down and he proceeded to beat me miserably several games in a row. I however would not be deterred. We ended up playing chess almost every night that week and since we got back from our trip, I have felt its absence. Well, last week I decided to remedy the situation.

Last Wednesday was by husbands birthday and, at the very last moment, I decided I wanted to make him a chess board. Better yet, quilt him a chess set. So, the day before his birthday, I spent the few hours he was out of the house to piece together the top of what is to be an awesome quilted chess board. In my defense, he barely ever leaves the house for long enough for me to accomplish anything behind his back :) Good thing I only have pure intentions.

 After finished the top I reali…

Well how did that happen?

It's been a busy few days and I haven't had as much time to my sewing machine as I would like. How disappointing. The good news? I am making enough money at my job to pay for materials I keep picking up to sew when I have time... It's somewhat of a viscous cycle. Another unfortunate side effect is that I don't get the chance sit down and spend some quality with my blog. Too sad.

But I haven't been totally lazy. Sunday was my first good sewing day in a while and I am proud to say that I accomplished a lot! I stitched the binding onto 4 quilts! WOW. It's my least favorite thing about quilting, attaching the binding to the quilt top. I love the hand stitching, I could do that for hours (and I often do) but the prep I could seriously do without.

I know I posted pictures of this before but I am proud of it so I'm posting more. I love the striped shot cotton I used for the binding. When I started the project I had intended to use the stripe for binding, but when …