New Obession: Chess!

A few months ago, while sailing across the Pacific ocean or a floating hotel, I discovered I really enjoyed playing chess. We were wandering around the boat after dinner one evening and noticed they had a few chess sets in the library. We sat down and he proceeded to beat me miserably several games in a row. I however would not be deterred. We ended up playing chess almost every night that week and since we got back from our trip, I have felt its absence. Well, last week I decided to remedy the situation.

Last Wednesday was by husbands birthday and, at the very last moment, I decided I wanted to make him a chess board. Better yet, quilt him a chess set. So, the day before his birthday, I spent the few hours he was out of the house to piece together the top of what is to be an awesome quilted chess board. In my defense, he barely ever leaves the house for long enough for me to accomplish anything behind his back :) Good thing I only have pure intentions.

 After finished the top I realized I needed actual pieces. The original plan had been to applique or embroider the symbols onto beanbags or something but I though that my husband might appreciate something more traditional. While on the trip he had mentioned that nice chess sets can become family heirlooms and that he's always wanted a nice set. I figured that it was time that he actually got one. So I went hunting.

I scoured the internet for a while, finding everything from novelty "Lord of the Rings" and Harry Potter sets for a silver and gold set that was going for 96,000 dollars! That's insane but I guess if you can afford... After much deliberation I eventually decided on a really traditional Staunton set made of crimson rosewood and boxwood. The only problem? Four day shipping :( I couldn't possibly get the pieces by the next day. So I devised yet another plan. I went to target and picked up the cheapest chess set I could find ($5.00) and wrapped it up with my newly constructed chess board in an attempt to fool my hubby into believing that was his only gift. It worked! But I couldn't keep up the charade for his entire birthday. I broke the news and he was excited and now all week we've been anxiously awaiting the package.

Well it's here... but my husband is not...

And I am having the hardest time not opening that box! I can't wait to play some chess! So wish me luck and strength of will. I'm gonna sit here with my adorible puppy trying to pretend there is not a box that needs to be open. 

He's trying to keep me honest with his skeptical look!



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