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Fun with Flora and Feathers

I seem to be falling somewhat behind on this whole posting thing and that makes me sad. I guess I just need to sew more so I will have things to post about! Well I recently finished quilting my challenge quilt for the North Star Quilt Guild quilt show this October here in Grand Forks, North Dakota. It's very exciting and it took me way longer than it should. I got hung up on a few spots that required some seam ripping... very discouraging. But once I finally got that our of the way the rest of the quilting went pretty quickly.

The last time I posted I believe I already had the center pretty much completed. As I mentioned before I had to rip out some seams due to bad tension in the blue stripes around the outside. 

For some reason my blue thread did not want to cooperate. I do not understand why some colors of thread quilt better than others of the same type. It's weird...

I ended up finishing the borders with circles and feathers and I finally feel like my feathers are start…