Fun with Flora and Feathers

I seem to be falling somewhat behind on this whole posting thing and that makes me sad. I guess I just need to sew more so I will have things to post about! Well I recently finished quilting my challenge quilt for the North Star Quilt Guild quilt show this October here in Grand Forks, North Dakota. It's very exciting and it took me way longer than it should. I got hung up on a few spots that required some seam ripping... very discouraging. But once I finally got that our of the way the rest of the quilting went pretty quickly.

The last time I posted I believe I already had the center pretty much completed. As I mentioned before I had to rip out some seams due to bad tension in the blue stripes around the outside. 

For some reason my blue thread did not want to cooperate. I do not understand why some colors of thread quilt better than others of the same type. It's weird...


I ended up finishing the borders with circles and feathers and I finally feel like my feathers are starting to turn out alright.

After finishing this project (which I have still yet to bind) I realized that I really needed something to quilt and I didn't really want to piece anything. I figured it was about time to to actually start on a whole cloth quilt. I think at this point it's safe to say it is anything but traditional.

I started out with that flower on the right. I wanted to practice fillers and feathers and flowers so I just picked a spot and started quilting. I thought about marking out general ideas but decided against it. So far I've let my design develop as I go. I think it's turning out alright so far. :)

I have only stopped once or twice to remove stitches and those times were due to bad tension. Otherwise I let my mistakes become design elements (Thanks Barb for the wonderful motto!). 

 I've tried out a few different floral designs so far. I realized that for whatever reason it's easier for me to free hand a quilted design that I like than it is for me to draw one. I can't help but this that it has to do with the finality of the medium. I can't just erase a line I don't like. Well, I can it just takes forever.  I really like how the lotus turned out but it's difficult to see because of how the feathers stick out and draw your eyes away from the flower. Definitely something to consider with future projects.

I really liked this flower. And I left enough space around it that it isn't competing for attention. I guess.   

I saw a beautiful quilt on Pinterest what had sunflowers quilted into the borders. I really wanted to try one. I don't know if mine really looks like a sunflower but it's definitely a starting point. 

This flower was also inspired by something I found on Pinterest. I'm not sure what type of flower it is supposed to be but I really liked it. As of this moment I'm about 7 hours into the quilting and maybe 60-75% of the way through my 45 x 45 quilt. This has been so much fun so far I might have to do another one. My addiction seems to be growing. 


  1. Emily, you have truly become an artist in the quilting world! I am so impressed with your products and your diligence! It is so exciting to see how far you have come in such a short time and I can't wait to see what your future holds! I will be able to say...I knew you when!
    I wish you all the best in whatever path your future takes you! Marilynn

  2. Cora wanted me to let you know that the whole-cloth quilt is one of the most beautiful things she's seen in her "whole entire life!" :)


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