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I can't belive it's been almost a month!

I feel as though I have fallen behind. Considerably! I can't believe my last post was in the beginning of August. That means it's been almost a month since I have quilted anything! How terrible! Well I have a pretty good excuse, but that doesn't make it any easier. I miss quilting! But I'll get to that.

First a story of Machine Applique

Our shop starting selling these awesome little packets of "Seasonal Silhouettes" by Edyta Sitar. The packages included enough laser cut applique pieces to make a single block. Each block features an adorable like ice skates, or a bicycle and lilies, or a umbrella with iris's and daffodils. I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them but put off starting one because the packages cost a heck of a lot. The cost is definitely worth not having to cut out all those tiny pieces though.

Anyways, I finally decided to make one for the shop to test out fusible applique as I have never tried it before. I was excited.

Well, I starte…