Am I done? I can't decide!

There is it folks, my the dilemma I have been facing for the past day. I finished filling in the background of my thread painting project last night after a few more hours of quilting then sat and stared at it for 20 minutes. After failing to come to a conclusion I grabbed my tea, turned off the light and headed down stairs to watch Doctor Who leaving my decision for another day.

Today was a bit of an adventure. My father came over to help me out with some yard work, bringing with him a chainsaw and an expertise I have yet to acquire. We stalked around the house discussing locations for book shelves and the tools we would require to build them before heading outside to tackle the tree that fell in our yard the week I moved to Tacoma.


Yup, our backyard had been a bit of a mess for the past 3 months. I am not proud of this fact but I hadn't had the time nor the tools to handle it for the first few months I was here. This last month I have just been lazy. No excuses. Anyways, we chopped up the tree with said chainsaw and cleared off the lawn so that it can grow unhindered. How exciting. 

We then heading into town on a hunt for tools! The hardware store was always kind of exciting to visit as a kid, but it is so much more exciting now! Oh the possibilities! I love the idea of being able to build things! I have yet to actually try building anything, but that doesn't stop me from wandering the isles of Ace Hardware in a state of giddiness. We ended up picking up some drill bits (yay!) as well as a few much needed garden tools. I can't wait to start gardening! After loading up the car with out purchases we headed to lunch at this join called "The Spar" and I had the best burger I've had in a very long time. I'm salivating just thinking about it....

Anyways, before my dad headed home for the evening I was able to get him to help me put up a curtain rod in sewing room so that I can plan and display smaller quilts. You may have noticed it in the first picture! It has been super useful already. I sewed up a couple of casings (there are 3 brackets so I needed two), slipped them on, and now I can pin up anything I want in a matter of seconds. 

To initiate my new display rod I hung up the thread painting project and sat and stared at it for a while longer. Then I took some more picture!

I like how it turned out but I can't decide if I am actually done or if there is still something I can do. I posted a few pictures on Facebook and received some great suggestions. I may add add some smoke like designs beneath the phoenix if I can make the overlapping thread paining look organic. I really don't want to just quilt over the existing design, that might look too messy. I have already quilted over some of the background stitching but I tried to follow the designs so it didn't look too out of place. I may go back and play with it tonight or perhaps tomorrow. 

After I had taken more than enough photos of my thread painting project I decided to pull out the quilt from the show to further test out my display rod :) I must once again voice how much I love the light in my room. It is so much better than what I had before!

I love how bright the red seems in the picture. It's not that bright in person, it's more of a soft brick red. but this just looks cool!

I thought it might be time to post a few pictures of my finished first whole cloth quilt. I never did post pictures of it... at least I don't think I did...

It was hard to get the same lighting for each shot... not sure why. Oh well, serves me right for waiting until 3pm in the winter on a rainy day to try and take good pictures of a whole cloth quilt.  

They are hard to photograph anyways. 

I am still very please with my tree. I love the blossoms and the leaves. And while the judge at the show didn't seem to like my unquilted spaces I still think they look cool!

I guess I sort of foreshadowed my most recent project back in July. Haha! I've always loved the imagery of the sun and moon. I really like how they turned out in this project.

Oh! I also found my very first hand quilting project from back in... 2009? Has it been that long? Wow... Anyways, I started this a few months before starting my first big pieced quilt. I think anyways. Haha wow.

I love this panel. It has such a whimsical designs that are very easy to follow and trace. I even started to embellish it with beads. Of course, soon after installing a few beads I realized that it would be much easier to finish after the quilting was complete. I will get there eventually. I think I might start working on this more in the next few weeks. It is very therapeutic!

I am also starting to collect ideas for my next project. A friend suggested combining my love of quilting with my love of Doctor Who and completing an Any Warhol-esk Dalek quilt. It is very tempting. I have also thought about starting yet another whole cloth quilt in the style of a Chinese landscape painting. I've always loved that art style and it might give me an opportunity to try fabric painting on top of my quilting. So many different techniques too explore! I can't wait to try them all!

I think that's it for this evening! Happy crafting!


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