Home Again

Hello, it's been a while. It seems I took somewhat of an unintended sabbatical while student teaching this past fall. Since my last post (sometime in August or September... YIKES) I student taught for 8 weeks in good old Grand Forks then MOVED HOME to finish up my last semester of college in Tacoma Washington. I can't tell you how glad I am to be home. I love stepping outside in January and not freezing my butt off. I wear shorts outside!...sometimes. Anyways, my husband and I bought a beautiful house and now, after almost 4 months, I finally feel like things are getting back to normal. It's hard to believe that my student teaching has been done for over a month! I had so much fun with my students and I can't wait to get back in the classroom. Until then, I've got some sewing to catch up on.
Our house! I still can't believe we own a house! 
It's taken me quite a while to get my brand new sewing room in order. While unpacking the house, my husband put all the boxes of miscellaneous stuff in my room so needless to say it was a mess, but it's getting better day by day. I actually have room to work now!  How exciting! I love how much light I get throughout the day. It makes working upstairs a joy! I look forward to getting more shelves and organizing a bit. Right now everything is sort of piled haphazardly.

I won't show you the other half of the room.... It's not pretty. As you can see there are still a few stray boxes looking for a home. Oh well, it'll happen eventually. I have my most recent project laid out on the floor. Truth be told I am not sure how I feel about it. I thought it would be fun to try some colored thread painting on black fabric but it has kind of just become a struggle. I don't enjoy working on it all that much and that is unusual. I want it to be finished but I don't want to work on it. To not finish it would be a waste of all the time I've put into it already. How very frustrating. I guess we'll see how I feel about it tomorrow.

I do like how the tail of the phoenix is turning out. I think I just have to keep going. Quilting with colored thread on black (or any contrasting thread color) is HARD. You see every tiny mistake and different stitch length. But it is really good practice. I have to try really hard to make my tracing lines close and maintain good spacing between lines of stitching. I think I will be a better quilter when I'm done and that is enough motivation to keep going for now. When I started this project I figured it would either be mildly successful or a terrible disaster. I'm currently leaning towards successful disaster at this point in time haha!

In other news my husband and I got to visit my grandparents a few weeks ago. It is so nice to be able to spend time with them again after the trip. I really enjoyed all the time we got to spend with them on the cruise last year and I've missed eating dinner with them a lot. Anyways I got to see how they displayed my quilt in person. It love how they put it up and I am so glad that they like it! My grandfather took a picture with me in front of it and I just wanted to share :)

It's really cool to see it hanging on the wall and the lighting is just perfect. It made me feel so good! I was also impressed at how much of the rippling my grandfather was able to eliminate. My applique process and dense quilting resulted in lots of rippling but you can barely tell hah!

I'll leave you now with the neat tree just outside one of my windows. It's nothing special but I had fun photographing it. Good evening all! I'll try to write again soon!


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