I am glad to say that after a lot of observing, thinking, and stitching I am finally starting to really like this project. I was inspired into action by a few new spools of thread I purchased yesterday. The colors didn't really match my pallet but I wanted to try them out. I started out by quilting a bright pink flower at the very top of the quilt. I'm not sure why. It doesn't fit at all; It is bold and silly. After realizing my mistake I figured I would move on and think about how to tie it in later.

Next I added feathers to frame the moon. The phoenix is so dense and bright that the moon seems too subtle. I figured the feathers might add a bit more color and soften the edges while expanding its profile. I love King Tut variegated thread! It comes in such awesome colors and quilts so nicely.

After finishing the feathers I decided to finish up the remained to the phoenix that I had been avoiding. I was mildly happy with the fillers I chose initially but it needed something else. I filled in with the orange and red thread I had been using previously and expanded the second layer to fill in towards the sun. Originally I had planned to fill in that area with black thinking it would look like the phoenix was flying behind something. I'm glad I changed my mind.

I also added some yellow accents to the head plume and the border between the first and second layer of feathers. While I still think the yellow is a little too bright, I like the definition it creates. It does make things pop. I also went back and layered in some some dark purple lines near to kind of create shadows. I love how subtle the purple is (even though it doesn't look all that subtle in the photos...). The photo looks a little washed out :( I guess I need to relearn how to use my camera haha! It's been a little while...

After I was satisfied with the phoenix I sketched and traced in my koi (I love drawing koi!) and started to work out how to incorporate those flowers. I figured I should go big or go home so I stitched in a few more random flowers using my brand new thread and connected them with some roughly quilted winding vines. The vines still needed something so I dug around in my thread drawer and found a spool of dark green Gutterman that I thought might add some nice highlights. I'm somewhat satisfied with how it came out but I think I may alter it later, maybe add some brighter thread.

The koi are probably my favorite part of this project now. It was really fun to fill in the scales for some reason. I really love how much movement they add to this side of the quilt. I will have to make something else with koi...

 Lastly I added some eyes to my wonky eyes to my koi and tried to stitch in some water texture using the same light blue thread that I used in the moon. I looks more white than blue but that's alright. Quilting the water texture is really difficult. Mine looks dreadful but it'll get better eventually haha. I really like the aesthetic of the design so I will definitely be practicing. After finishing up with my light blue thread I wanted to start filling in more of the background but I quickly realized that I was just about out of black thread :( A task for tomorrow I believe. Oh! I also found out my machine is all fixed and ready to be picked up! I can't believe how quick that was (Once I finally got it to the shop...) I am super excited to get it back and start using it again, although now I really am getting used to quilting on the Kenmore. Hmmm....

Here's a shot of some of the thread I've used so far on this project! Such pretty colors! Anyways, night all and happy sewing.


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