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I'm In LOVE!

I am in love with longarming! Did I mention that?... I may or may not have been talking about how much I love longarming to anyone that would listen. I think my husband is tired of hearing about it. I've even started hunting for excuses to go play. Yesterday I needed fabric for a few projects I'm in the middle of so I hopped over to the shop thinking that perhaps the longarm might also be free. Sure enough it was! I though to myself "what a happy coincidence!" I bought a yard of solid cream and a yard of muslin and I went at it. Here is the result of about 2.5 hours of work.

        I'm not sure how long I can keep this up! The pricing for long arm rental is reasonable but I want to quilt all the time. I'm going to go broke! Ack! I guess it's a good thing I don't have constant access to a car... In the meantime I can make myself busy with my own machine. Speaking of which! I finally got my Brother back! And it sews wonderfully. Somehow in all…

Back Where I Belong!

After several months of student teaching, video games, and sewing I am finally back where I belong: working in a wonderful quilt shop, surrounded by creativity, inspiration and amazing quilters. I didn't realize how much I missed working in a shop until I officially started at Island Quilter on Thursday. I love being around enthusiastic quilters, seeing what they've made, and helping to find the perfect print for their project. It's so entirely satisfying. And it's just fun to be around all that fabric. That being said, this weekend was a lot of work! We went vending at a local quilt show and had a very busy booth for nearly the entire show. I even got to meet an amazing quilter, Kim Stotsenberg, who's work I had just been admiring (ok, maybe obsessing over) at the shop! And this weekend was just a warm up round for the Sew-Expo at the end of the month. From what I've heard it will be chaos! Super fun chaos though :)

       I returned to my sewing room …

Productive Pursuits

What an awesome weekend! I feel like I really accomplished a lot! Saturday started out with my very first long arm quilting class! After only a few short hours I am certified to quilt on the long arm at a local quilt shop. I can't wait to get started! I'm even thinking of scheduling my first few hours for this week. YAY. I feel like this will be a great way for me to get used to quilting on a longarm before actually purchasing my own. That part of my plan will likely take quite a while. It's getting harder and harder to justify not purchasing one.... I must remain strong... and get a job! Anyways, after returning home from my class I decided to try quilting my new little mug rug.

        I thought about how I wanted to quilt this for a while. Instead of free motion quilting it on my machine I opted to hand quilt it. I love the amount of negative space the pattern has so I didn't want to the quilting to be too dense. While I liked the idea of quarter inch echoin…

Machine Covers and Mug Rugs!

Moving away from the free motion quilting talk to show off my two newest projects! I posted about my new sewing machine cover last week and after a hectic weekend I was able to retire to my sewing room once again and finally finish it up.

         I love these fabrics so much and I am really happy that I will get to see them every day in my sewing room. They are so bright and cheerful! I started out by stitching in  the ditch along the borders. After hearing the judge at a recent quilt show talk about how important it is to outline your big design elements I've decided I should probably practice stitch-in-the-ditch a bit more. The first design I quilted was the the border on the left. I know, I know, you should start in the center and work out so that you don't get bunching. Turns out I like to live dangerously sometimes. Truthfully I just love the way that design looks and I really want to try it. I then decided to stitch the feathers in the right boarder. And guess w…

Free Motion Quilting: It's easier than you think! - Part One: Materials

I was so excited when a local quilt shop asked if I would be interested in teaching free motion quilting there. I decided to go home and come up with a plan. While writing out my information I realized that no-one in my class would want to read it as I would likely just be talking about it so I figured I would share it here. I would love any comments or suggestions about the process and prep. This will be my first time teaching free motion quilting so I am a little nervous! Hah!

I know what you are probably thinking, and last year I thought the exact same thing. I spent so much time thinking about free motion quilting and how difficult it would be that I continually avoided actually trying it. I was afraid that my designs wouldn't be nice enough or that my stitches would be too uneven or that, god forbid, my tension would get out of whack and ruin my projects. Well, my designs were sloppy and my stitches terrible and oh my did my tension drive me nuts but the joy of actual…

Something New for Something Old

I was filled with joy when my new sewing machine arrived home freshly repaired after being out of commission for the past 5 months. While my Kenmore served me valiantly and has performed it's duty in full, it was so nice to feel the power and speed of my new machine beneath my fingertips... for about an hour. And then it froze again. I nearly screamed in frustration. I had started working on a sewing machine cover for my Kenmore since I didn't think I would be using it as much. Little did I realize what was about to happen.

In all my gleeful anticipation, I had decided my next project would be machine piecing hexies. I dug around in my multitude of moving boxes an pulled out my little baggie of precut hexies I prepared back in August but never got around to. I also happened to find some scraps from a previous project that matched my hexies almost perfectly (same designer, different line). With all my materials ordered accordingly I set out sewing. I made it through the first f…