Something New for Something Old

I was filled with joy when my new sewing machine arrived home freshly repaired after being out of commission for the past 5 months. While my Kenmore served me valiantly and has performed it's duty in full, it was so nice to feel the power and speed of my new machine beneath my fingertips... for about an hour. And then it froze again. I nearly screamed in frustration. I had started working on a sewing machine cover for my Kenmore since I didn't think I would be using it as much. Little did I realize what was about to happen.

In all my gleeful anticipation, I had decided my next project would be machine piecing hexies. I dug around in my multitude of moving boxes an pulled out my little baggie of precut hexies I prepared back in August but never got around to. I also happened to find some scraps from a previous project that matched my hexies almost perfectly (same designer, different line). With all my materials ordered accordingly I set out sewing. I made it through the first few rows before my machine locked up.

I had struggled with it enough the first time this happened to realize that I have no idea what I'm doing and I am likely not going to be able to fix it myself. I reluctantly took apart my machine to prepare it to go back to the shop and pulled out the trust Kenmore. With my trusty Kenmore I was able to finish piecing the hexies, Y seams and all! I love Y seams. I really do. They are just fun.

Check out my totally professional and aesthetically pleasing display! haha!

I love pressing the hexies so that you get those perfect mini hexies where the seams join. They are so satisfying! After completing the hexies I figured I would use up some of my scraps and add a piano key border on one side. I didn't have enough hexies to complete the whole length so I added a short scrap on the bottom before stitching on the piano keys. I still needed it to be a bit bigger so I added the long red strip to the other side.

It's wonky and improvisational and I am very happy with it. I look forward to starting to quilt it. I already have some fun ideas!

Happy Crafting!


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