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New York Beauty Block Update!

I know, I know! Two posts in one day is sort of overkill but I wanted to share that I posted a PDF download of a few of the New York Beauty block templates that I created! That's right! Not only can you create your own but you can use my patters to get you started! Check it out here!

        They are not perfect but they are really fun to make and they look so dang cool! I might have to make a few more now that I am thinking about it :) 
Until next time!

How to Make a Homemade Light Box

I haven't done a whole lot of tracing of patterns onto fabric but when I do I find it much easier to do with a light source underneath. I've tried straight tracing which works pretty well for light colored loosely woven fabric and tracing against a window for slightly darker colors, but that isn't always convenient especially with larger designs. Last year, in preparation for our pacific cruise, I experimented with creating a makeshift light box and it was effective but not all that convenient so when I designed another image that I wanted to transfer, I decided to come up with a better solution. So here goes!


Work light fixture
Light bulb (I used a LED because they can stay pretty cool for longer periods of time)
Cardboard Box
Plexiglas Sheet (Big enough to fit your full design and sit on top of your box)
Tin Foil (Optional)
Masking Tape
Disappearing Marker (for tracing on fabric)
Dark Marker/Sharpie (Highlight the part of the design you want to transfer…

Thoroughly Modern Emily!

I have finally completed what I believe to be my very first truly modern quilt. I've been in love with the idea of modern quilting and the patterns and fabric I've seem but before this quilt, I don't think anything I did was very modern. Improvisational maybe but not really modern. So I present to you modern quilt entitled "Garden Party."

         I've had a few of the blocks in my stash for the past year. A friend and I had tried to start up a modern quilting class in Grand Forks which ended up being mildly unsuccessful but did encourage us to create a few block samples. I decided to use my collection of shot cottons and solids that I bought here at Island Quilter as well as a few fun prints with gnomes and produce (apples and mushrooms). I thought I was being clever... haha! I do love how it turned out! It's bright and cheerful and nothing like anything else I've done recently. 

        I especially like how the top turned out. I had the flo…


So I was reviewing the minutes from out most recent guild meeting (part of which I missed because I was working) and I discovered a site called Bloglovin... and now I am obsessed!

Next Step? Figure out how to get my blog on there.... hope this works: Follow my blog with Bloglovin

        And since no post is truly complete without a picture here is a preview of one of my upcoming projects! Yay! Can't wait to get started!

Favorite February Project and Blog Hop!

So I was cruising around the internet and stumbled onto an awesome blog (Lily's Quilts) featuring a little bog hop. It's also a hop for small blog and I think I just might qualify! I've never done a blog hop before so I hope I am not too late to participate. I hunted through my projects from February and I'd have to say my favorite one is the modern mug rug I completed for our guild meeting. It was a little experimental and really fun to put together.

        I really enjoyed picking out the bright colors and had fun designing my own paper piecing pattern. I have included my pattern here if anyone wants to try it. I might even throw together a tutorial if anyone is interested :)

        Anyways, I am off to check out some other blogs on the hop! Have fun!

Poppycock I Say! Poppies and Peacocks and Projects Aplenty.

I've been busy busy busy! This past week I started and finished... and made some progress of several different projects, all of which I am really proud of. For the past month or so I've had two of them out on table and ready to go. I took my short break during sew expo but got back on the horse.

        During sew expo I was reminded of a project that I wanted to try involving lots of, you guessed it, Y-seams. Have I mentioned how much I love Y-seams? They are so much fun! and yet some people don't seem to enjoy them :( How sad. Anyways, this project involves all manner of shapes and fits together like a puzzle.

        Check out my tidy stack of hexagons, squares and triangles! I originally started out with 4 different colors, but then that didn't seem like quite enough so I pulled a few more from my stash. Then I just kept pulling and pulling until I had 12 colors. I love how they look together, so bright and fun! I cut my shapes and started putting togethe…

Wholecloth: Mission Complete!

I completely forgot to post picture of my most recent finished whole cloth. I completed the binding and ran to a local shop to drop it off as the sample for my up-coming class. I didn't even take the time to take any good pictures :( Oh well! Here are the few that I took at the shop.

         This is not a great photo.... The next one is better... but it does give you an idea of how it all lays out.

        Anyways, just thought I'd share. I will be back with better pictures at the end of the months. Also I discovered where to buy fair scone mix at my grocery store and its safe to say that no scone is safe from my veracious appetite. I made a box last night and since then it has been a veritable scone-pocalypse, a devastation of scones. Soooo delicious. This will do terrible things to my figure.... haha!

Free Motion Quilting - Part Two: Quilting Feet

So I thought a lot about how I wanted to do the next part of my free motion quilting tutorial and I realized that because there are already so many great resources, it would be silly for me to do my own. Instead I would like to direct you towards those resources that helped me learn and inspired my to try quilting. But before that I wanted to share a bit of my own experience when It comes to quilting feet... and a bit of advice.

        Above is a picture of my most recent project in progress. If you ever want to see all of your tiny (and not so tiny) mistakes try quilting with contrasting thread. I tried this before with colored thread on black fabric with pretty neat results. At first is was really hard to do because I hated how my stitches and designs looked. It was funny to go from really proud of my work to not even wanting to look at it. When working with a thread color that blends you don't tend to notice your stitches or wiggles in your lines. Your eye is drawn to …

What a FANTASTIC Week!

I feel bad that I haven't written in a while but I would like to think I have a pretty good excuse. I have been so busy that when I got home from work I barely had enough energy to eat dinner before falling asleep on the couch.Guess what I was doing!? I was vending at the Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, WA! And it was awesome! My crazy hectic week started out last Tuesday when I headed to the island to work for a few days before starting out at the expo. On Tuesday we cut, folded, packaged and shipped over 300 yards of fabric to people all over the country. It was pretty fun and I thought I was tired at the end of the day.

        Wednesday was a nice relaxing day of work before jetting off to my Grandfather's 90th birthday. Dinner was a blast! It is always so nice to visit Pizzuto's again too. We've been going there since I was really little and it is still my favorite restaurant in Seattle. It has been truly wonderful to be living so close to my family…