Thoroughly Modern Emily!

        I have finally completed what I believe to be my very first truly modern quilt. I've been in love with the idea of modern quilting and the patterns and fabric I've seem but before this quilt, I don't think anything I did was very modern. Improvisational maybe but not really modern. So I present to you modern quilt entitled "Garden Party."

         I've had a few of the blocks in my stash for the past year. A friend and I had tried to start up a modern quilting class in Grand Forks which ended up being mildly unsuccessful but did encourage us to create a few block samples. I decided to use my collection of shot cottons and solids that I bought here at Island Quilter as well as a few fun prints with gnomes and produce (apples and mushrooms). I thought I was being clever... haha! I do love how it turned out! It's bright and cheerful and nothing like anything else I've done recently. 

        I especially like how the top turned out. I had the floating circles and Dresden plate finished before hand and had to come up with a way to tie everything together. I improvised a few small blocks with floating quadrilaterals and played with arranging them until I found something I liked. Initially I was going to leave the upper right corner mostly open but I like the addition of the Dresden plate, and yes I had forgotten to applique on the circle before I took the pictures but I can guarantee that it has been completed. Anyways, I love the current arrangement because I think it has a lot of motion. But it also seems somewhat contained. I had to figure out a way to get the eye to travel down which is why I moved the floating half square triangles somewhat offset from the rolling hills and angled down towards the swoon block in the bottom right corner.  I also pointed the pieced feathers that way hoping to assist in the redirection. 

        At first the improve piece block looked a little out of place because it is composed mainly of reds oranges and greens but then I though about adding the long shattered block as a way of transitioning between color palettes. I LOVE the shattered block and really would like to do another one. It was a little frustrating at the time but totally worth it in the end. 

        Once I had all of my pieces I had to put it together. This involved a lot of measuring and math... which got much harder as the night wore on. As I approached 2 am I started making lots of silly mistakes and probably should have stopped but I was determined so I sallied forth and completed this somewhat unorthodox arrangement. If I were to do it again I might actually plan how I wanted it rather than measure and go but it all turned out in the end :)

        And now I am off to other exciting things! Be back with a report soon! 


  1. Love it! Especially what you did with the swoon block and the matchstick one.

    1. Matchstick! That's what it's called! haha I couldn't remember! Thanks! I was originally going to do the swoon block in blue and yellow but then thought I should go all out and I am glad I did :) I can't wait to quilt it! How is yours coming?


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