What a FANTASTIC Week!

        I feel bad that I haven't written in a while but I would like to think I have a pretty good excuse. I have been so busy that when I got home from work I barely had enough energy to eat dinner before falling asleep on the couch.Guess what I was doing!? I was vending at the Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, WA! And it was awesome! My crazy hectic week started out last Tuesday when I headed to the island to work for a few days before starting out at the expo. On Tuesday we cut, folded, packaged and shipped over 300 yards of fabric to people all over the country. It was pretty fun and I thought I was tired at the end of the day.

        Wednesday was a nice relaxing day of work before jetting off to my Grandfather's 90th birthday. Dinner was a blast! It is always so nice to visit Pizzuto's again too. We've been going there since I was really little and it is still my favorite restaurant in Seattle. It has been truly wonderful to be living so close to my family again. I took for granted the fact that we were so close before I left and missed them tons while living in North Dakota.

        We returned home after dinner with our bellies full and our spirits tired from laughing and talking. It was a great family outing. Then off to bed I went with an early alarm to begin my long weekend at sew expo.

        Thursday was a whirlwind. The Expo was huge! We finished setting up our booth a bit and were ready just as expo goers started trickling into the building. We started cutting fabric right away and barely had a break until 4! After that it slowed down a little, allowing a bit of breathing room between customers. We packed up at 6 and I headed home and then out again to the second Tacoma Modern Quilt Guild meeting to which I was very late. I ended up doing jumping jacks in front of the window to get their attention because the doors were locked. Haha! I didn't realize I still had the energy. I'm glad I was able to make it before the meeting ended. It was a hoot.

        On Friday I was lucky enough to spend some time shopping with my mother. She came to the expo around 1:00 and met me while I was having lunch. She stopped in at the booth every once in a while and eventually I got the chance to wander around with her a bit. We acquired a small haul of stuff which I had to stash under the booth until closing time. I picked up roughly $120.00 worth of thread which I am incredibly excited about using with my new bamboo batting. I love thread! And look at those adorable prints. Ninjas and mustaches! I also picked up some fabric that caught my eye in our booth. I was inspired by a customer to start working on my Bali Wedding Star pattern that I bought a few years ago. Bonus perk: got to leave a little early because my mother was taking me out to dinner! Yay!

       Saturday was when the real fun began. Tula Pink was the guest speaker at the expo for Saturday night and I had been hoping that she might happen to walk by the booth sometime this weekend. Well, on my way back from the bathroom I noticed that she was signing books in another booth! How perfect! I was able to get my badge signed and a picture with her.

        I might have been just a little star struck. She is one of my favorite designers and I am obsessed with her fabrics. I have had a stash for a bit just waiting for the perfect project to feature them. My day was complete. That is until she walked into our booth and stayed to chat for 15 minutes later that evening. I was so excited. She is so friendly and funny! I really wished I could have gone to her presentation that evening but I was a little late looking at the tickets. On Sunday I was able to get a signed book which I now can't wait to use! I also found out that one of my favorite patterns is a free download. Guess what I am making next! I love the quilting! I have had sewing on the brain since Tuesday (ok I always have sewing on the brain...) and now I can finally head up to my machine and get started.  


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