Wholecloth: Mission Complete!

        I completely forgot to post picture of my most recent finished whole cloth. I completed the binding and ran to a local shop to drop it off as the sample for my up-coming class. I didn't even take the time to take any good pictures :( Oh well! Here are the few that I took at the shop.

         This is not a great photo.... The next one is better... but it does give you an idea of how it all lays out.

        Anyways, just thought I'd share. I will be back with better pictures at the end of the months. Also I discovered where to buy fair scone mix at my grocery store and its safe to say that no scone is safe from my veracious appetite. I made a box last night and since then it has been a veritable scone-pocalypse, a devastation of scones. Soooo delicious. This will do terrible things to my figure.... haha!


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