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The Great Peacock Quilt Frustration of 2014

While making this quilt I was very pleased with my work That is until I started quilting it!
        I was able to easily cut out my pieces using some awesome templates and sewing them together was alright if not a bit tedious. I like working with curved seams so when it came time to put the arcs together I was fairly happy. I got it appliqued onto the background with no problems and designed my body and head with ease. I was so proud of how I created the head too! It was my first time trying out machine embroidery and it came out alright! 
        Then I decided to quilt it....

        Quilting this bad boy on my machine was a nightmare, one which I am glad is over. I suffered through hours of skipped stitches, terrible tension and broken needles before giving into its power over my machine. I figured I would try it on one of the machines at Calico Threads, thinking that a newer, fancier machine might be just what the doctor order, but alas it was not to be.
        Oh a whim…

DS/TT Challenge Submission and a Little Something Extra

I am glad to say that I am finally done with my Dear Stella/Timeless Treasure Challenge and ready to submit my pictures! This is the first challenge I've actually every completed! Ok, second if you count the Paint Chip Challenge in ND but that one was at a show so let me refine my statement: My first online challenge!

        We have to submit an image with a ruler/measuring tape to verify that our mini quilt is indeed 20 inches square. Hope mine looks alright! I love how it turned out! The swoopy geese are always cool and I had a much easier time with those curves that I thought I would!

         I mentioned my use of freeze paper last time but I didn't include any pictures so I thought I might talk about it here, just in case anyone was interested.  I pressed the freezer paper onto the front of my pieced panels then stitched around the edge of it at about a 1/8th in seam allowance on all three pieces. I then trimmed outside of the seam allowance on the other two piec…

Dear Stella/Timeless Treasures Challenge!

This weekend I was lucky enough to be working while the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild had a sew in at Island Quilter! As such I got to see all manner of fun projects and wonderfully quilty things! It was a blast to see what they were doing and I came away with a lot of really great ideas. I also learned about the Dear Stella/Timeless Treasures challenge just couldn't help but pick up some fun fabrics! I had been looking for an excuse to play with a certain fishy fabric so how could I possibly resist. (I am cheating a bit today and using my photos from Instagram... I kept forgetting to grab my camera...)

        Just look at those awesome fabrics! A while ago I saw the cutest quilt made with the fish fabric and decided to work with similar colors. I am starting to realize that I do a lot with blues and reds/oranges. I love the combination! So I set about trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I liked the idea of triangles but didn't want an entire mini quilt out of tria…

Mother-Daughter Quilt Complete!

This past week has been very exciting for me and my mother. A little over four years ago we started out first quilt together and as of this past Tuesday we can finally say it is officially done... well, almost... there is still binding to put on but I am confident that we will complete that this weekend!

        Anyways, Let me tell you the story of this illustrious quilt. It all started around Christmas, four years ago. I had just started working at Quilter's Eden in East Grand Forks, MN and I was incredibly excited about my job and about quilting. I was also still pretty new to the craft. While visiting my folks I suggested that my mother and I make one of the quilts from Kaffe Fassett's book Quilt's in the Sun which I had just received for Christmas. So we flipped through the book for a while and decided on this one. Then came the fun part: picking fabric, so we headed to Island Quilter(which might just happen to have the biggest collection of Kaffe prints in th…

Garden Break!

Today I took a short break from all the quilting I've been doing to spend an afternoon in the garden! Moving into an apartment with limited garden accessibility really made me long for my own garden. This came as somewhat of a surprise to me because as a kid I really could have cared less about gardening and I absolutely hated weeding. In fact I was fired from my first job as a groundskeeper for our family estate because I sucked at it. Think about that for a second: I was so bad my dad fired me from working in our own yard. And now if I get a sunny day all I want to do is be outside! And I find weeding to be incredibly satisfying.... Living in that shitty apartment really made me appreciate what we didn't have. I truly can't express how happy I am to be living in my own home and have control over how it looks. Granted we actually have to pay for a plumber now but I think it all evens out. 

        This spring is especially exciting because we get to see everythin…