Dear Stella/Timeless Treasures Challenge!

        This weekend I was lucky enough to be working while the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild had a sew in at Island Quilter! As such I got to see all manner of fun projects and wonderfully quilty things! It was a blast to see what they were doing and I came away with a lot of really great ideas. I also learned about the Dear Stella/Timeless Treasures challenge just couldn't help but pick up some fun fabrics! I had been looking for an excuse to play with a certain fishy fabric so how could I possibly resist. (I am cheating a bit today and using my photos from Instagram... I kept forgetting to grab my camera...)

Photo: Just pulled my fabric for the #dsttchallenge at @islandquilter So excited I finally have an excuse to use those adorable goldfish! @sewtimeless @dearstellafab 

        Just look at those awesome fabrics! A while ago I saw the cutest quilt made with the fish fabric and decided to work with similar colors. I am starting to realize that I do a lot with blues and reds/oranges. I love the combination! So I set about trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I liked the idea of triangles but didn't want an entire mini quilt out of triangle... that would have been tedious and boring to make. I also thought stripes might be neat. So then I thought "Why not both?" It seemed a reasonable idea. But perhaps that still wasn't enough... or perhaps it would be too much, so I decided to add some negative space and my new favorite thing: swoopy geese! Once I had my plan I set to work.

Photo: Making progress! And totally digging it! #dsttchallenge @sewtimeless @dearstellafab

        Here's a shot of the triangles all put together. I pieced my half inch stripes first but failed to take a picture at the time... I am pretty proud of how most of my point meet! I can be obsessive sometimes and this was one of those times. 

Photo: How about some #swoopygeese? #dsttchallenge is coming along nicely! @sewtimeless @dearstellafab

        I pieced the flying geese last. While I love the look of the swoopy geese, I have come to realize that I am not a huge fan of paper piecing. I do think it was worth it in the end though. I used tracing paper as my foundation this time and it worked much better than regular printer paper. It has become my foundation paper of choice! So much easier to tear away! 

        I pieced each section separately and used freezer paper to define their edges.  I then appliqued the stripes and swoopy geese onto the central triangle section. I also added a little flange between the stripes and triangles to try and break up the designs. I thought it might be too busy other wise. I then trimmed down the wobbly and uneven shape to a 16.5 inch square and added my borders along with another flange. I love the word flange!

       Photo: Can't decide if I should stop here or add some adorable appliqué goldfish... #dsttchallenge @sewtimeless @dearstellafab

        Here is the finished product! I couldn't be more pleased! Now to decide if I want to applique a fish or two... It's already pretty busy so I might decide against it... Also have to think about quilting... and a backing before that. I wonder if the backing has to be Dear Stella or Timeless Treasures... If so I may have to go hunting again. I guess I could use the fish, I have plenty of that left over but it's so cute I don't want to waste in on the back of something. Oh well, that's it for tonight!

Happy Crafting!


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