DS/TT Challenge Submission and a Little Something Extra

        I am glad to say that I am finally done with my Dear Stella/Timeless Treasure Challenge and ready to submit my pictures! This is the first challenge I've actually every completed! Ok, second if you count the Paint Chip Challenge in ND but that one was at a show so let me refine my statement: My first online challenge!

        We have to submit an image with a ruler/measuring tape to verify that our mini quilt is indeed 20 inches square. Hope mine looks alright! I love how it turned out! The swoopy geese are always cool and I had a much easier time with those curves that I thought I would!


         I mentioned my use of freeze paper last time but I didn't include any pictures so I thought I might talk about it here, just in case anyone was interested.  I pressed the freezer paper onto the front of my pieced panels then stitched around the edge of it at about a 1/8th in seam allowance on all three pieces. I then trimmed outside of the seam allowance on the other two pieces before attempting to connect them. I left the triangles intact so that I would have some excess to pin and secure the other parts too. Sorry I don't have any pictures for that part. I sort of forgot I could blog about it haha. Once pinned, I then appliqued the outer panels onto the triangle panel by folding the edges over at the stitched line. I was really surprised by how easy this was! I will have to utilize this technique again and maybe do some sort of tutorial! Now to decide which detail shots I need to include... I might even take a few more... I am not all that happy with the few I already have. Oh well.

        I guess this one is alright but I would like a few with straighter lines and maybe without those stray threads. Yeah, that's what I should do!

        In other news I finally pieced together the final row for my Tula Pink Anchors Aweigh quilt! I finished the rest of it over two weeks ago and then got distracted by this challenge... I would be lying if I didn't mentioned that I was also not looking forward to piecing that final strip. It just so happened to be the most complicated one. I didn't mean to save it for last, I promise! I ended up finishing it a chunk at a time. I completed the first half two weeks ago, then the middle chunk last week and finally the last bit just a few days ago! After that final row was piece I just added it to what I had already put together and I was done!

        I am really pleased with it and can't wait to quilt it! I already have so many fun ideas! It may take a little while just because I need to purchase batting and backing but I think it might be bumped up in my quilting queue. 

        Alright, I am off to do some longarm quilting! I will be back with the story of that project later... And tomorrow I officially start subbing on Vashon! Yay! I am a little nervous but really excited, lets hope I haven't forgotten everything I learned. 


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