Garden Break!

        Today I took a short break from all the quilting I've been doing to spend an afternoon in the garden! Moving into an apartment with limited garden accessibility really made me long for my own garden. This came as somewhat of a surprise to me because as a kid I really could have cared less about gardening and I absolutely hated weeding. In fact I was fired from my first job as a groundskeeper for our family estate because I sucked at it. Think about that for a second: I was so bad my dad fired me from working in our own yard. And now if I get a sunny day all I want to do is be outside! And I find weeding to be incredibly satisfying.... Living in that shitty apartment really made me appreciate what we didn't have. I truly can't express how happy I am to be living in my own home and have control over how it looks. Granted we actually have to pay for a plumber now but I think it all evens out. 

        This spring is especially exciting because we get to see everything in bloom for the first time. Flowers keep popping up alongside the house and our trees are bursting into life. I loved the look of the Asian Pear tree in the fall and I am digging it now covered in these tiny white flowers!

        We also have what appears to be the largest Magnolia tree in existence. It's huge and beautiful.... and keeps shedding all those awesome petals all over the yard which I then have to rake up. Little by little I am starting to realize how much maintenance this yard is going to require. Totally worth it though.

        The previous owners of our house also happened to like birdhouses. They are everywhere. There are at least three in the Magnolia tree alone...

        In the past week we have been doing some much needed reclaiming of this bed. It was totally infested with overgrown ivy and while ivy looks cool I had much bigger plans. Truth be told I have no idea what I am doing so this year is a bit experimental. Could be good, could be a disaster. I probably planted things too close together or paired the wrong plants or something. I guess we'll see. 

        I am keeping up the tradition of my mini potted garden. It will grow a bit as my starts actually sprout but I have never had much luck with basil so I figured I would cheat again. I love having fresh basil! So excited for parsley too!

        Check out those awesome tulips :) I think tulips are gorgeous! 

         In the front yard I planed some dark red climbing roses... which desperately need a trellis... or will soon. It seemed silly to plant climbing roses without anything to climb but I figured I would get there. Can't wait to see them bloom.

        And finally, a shot of my newly sprouted sun flowers. I had no idea how quickly they would sprout and now I need to do something about them....

        Ok, so that was fun! and not about quilting at all which is really weird for me haha! And with that I am off to get some work done upstairs... or maybe play a game... it's been a long day and I am pretty tired... but totally satisfied and glad to be living in my own home. 

        I will be back soon with pictures of my most recent longarm project! 


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