Mother-Daughter Quilt Complete!

        This past week has been very exciting for me and my mother. A little over four years ago we started out first quilt together and as of this past Tuesday we can finally say it is officially done... well, almost... there is still binding to put on but I am confident that we will complete that this weekend!

        Anyways, Let me tell you the story of this illustrious quilt. It all started around Christmas, four years ago. I had just started working at Quilter's Eden in East Grand Forks, MN and I was incredibly excited about my job and about quilting. I was also still pretty new to the craft. While visiting my folks I suggested that my mother and I make one of the quilts from Kaffe Fassett's book Quilt's in the Sun which I had just received for Christmas. So we flipped through the book for a while and decided on this one. Then came the fun part: picking fabric, so we headed to Island Quilter (which might just happen to have the biggest collection of Kaffe prints in the US if not the world! Shameless plug!). Let me start out by saying that picking Kaffe prints is not a talent that comes naturally to me. We stood in front of the wall for a while completely overwhelmed by the mass of color. Eventually, we received a bit (ok a lot) of help and assembled the striking combination you see before you.

        We then set off to Florida to visit the grandparents and divide up our fabric before parting ways and equally dividing up the blocks. There was a bit more math and planning involved than we had expected but we both emerged unscathed with our tidy stacks of fabric. It took two and a half years before we each had completed our assigned blocks and were ready to put it all together. In fact I may have had to encourage my mom to finish a few blocks on my visits back home. I think it was summer of 2012 when we finally put it together and pulled the fabric for the back.

        With everything put together we then came to the question of how to quilt it. We talked about hand quilting but didn't want to add another decade onto an already lengthy project. Then we discussed having it quilted at the shop where I worked in North Dakota. Well, long story short I ended up moving before we shipped it out so that option was eliminated, and the quilt continued to sit in a drawer in my parents house. That is until recently when I learned how to operate a longarm. Then a world of limitless quilting possibilities opened up to us. And so we decided to quilt it together. I taught my mom how to use the longarm and we took turns quilting the blocks. It was way too much fun and I think she might be a bit addicted haha. Just another reason for me to want my own sooner rather than later. It took two full days of quilting but it's done and if you ask me it looks great! I could not be more happy with it! Not only did I get to spend some really wonderful quality time with my mom, I got a beautiful quilt out of it.

        Now to finish the binding...



  1. Beautiful! How wonderful to have a quilt that you have worked on with your mom.


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