The Great Peacock Quilt Frustration of 2014

        While making this quilt I was very pleased with my work That is until I started quilting it!

        I was able to easily cut out my pieces using some awesome templates and sewing them together was alright if not a bit tedious. I like working with curved seams so when it came time to put the arcs together I was fairly happy. I got it appliqued onto the background with no problems and designed my body and head with ease. I was so proud of how I created the head too! It was my first time trying out machine embroidery and it came out alright! 

        Then I decided to quilt it....

        Quilting this bad boy on my machine was a nightmare, one which I am glad is over. I suffered through hours of skipped stitches, terrible tension and broken needles before giving into its power over my machine. I figured I would try it on one of the machines at Calico Threads, thinking that a newer, fancier machine might be just what the doctor order, but alas it was not to be.

        Oh a whim, I asked if I could throw it onto the Longarm. I figured "I have an hour, why not!" thinking that I could at least see if it work, and low and behold, my tension problems disappeared! I was in heaven. I could quilt without skipping stitches! Oh course I had to transition my domestic designs to the longarm which was really hard, but I did what I could. 

        I ended up scheduling more time to finish up the background because I didn't want to struggle with my machine for a moment longer on this quilt. Now that I have some distance on it, I am pleased with my work but it took a little while. I was disappointing at first but I guess I will always be my own worst critic. That's alright. It means I will always strive to be better. 

         I struggled to pick out a good binding and I am glad I decided on this one. It's a little hard to see but it has hints of blue and green in the dark purple. I love this fabric! I brought it with me to the Tacoma Modern Quilt Guild Meeting before depositing it in its new home at Island Quilter. It's already help sell a template set! I am so proud!

        I also brought along my finished challenge. I don't typically like pictures of myself but I really like this one for some reason so I thought I would share it :) I look as goofy as I feel! haha! Anyways, that's all for now folks! 

Happy Crafting!



  1. I love love this peacock quilt! I am an amateur quilter.......any hints or tips for creating such a lovely quilt with a similar design?

    1. Hi! I am sorry I haven't responded sooner! It's been a bit since I have thought to check my blog (bad blogger!). I used Marti Michell's "Not So Giant Dahlia" template set for the tail then drafted an applique pattern for the body and free motion thread painted (free motion embroidered?) the head and head feathers with an upside down embroidery hoop. It sounds intimidating but it was actually pretty fun once I got used to it.... I haven't tried it since... I should try it again i think....

      I actually drafted a sort of pattern a while ago that gives additional instructions on how to put it together. I can try to find it if you are interested. Or post it :)


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