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My Very Own Exploding Tardis!

Not going to lie, I completely fell in love with the painting as soon it appeared on the screen in the 12th episode on the 5th season of the new Doctor Who. I've thought about buying all sorts of paraphernalia with its image: posters, shirts, shoes, even leggings... Ok maybe not the leggings... but I have fawned over the image for a while now. Since I first saw the episode I have even on occasion thought that it might be fun to try painting, not that I have ever used oil paints before, but there is a first time for everything.

        One day, while at work in North Dakota my eyes fell across a wonderful blue batik and I thought to myself, that is the exact color of the Tardis! And so I set about gathering the perfect colors for my very own fabric Exploding Tardis, and promptly put them back thinking "I will never get around to this!" Eventually, after a year of thinking, I was finally hit with the sudden inspiration to just do it. So I did.

        I started by …

Come Sail Away!

A while ago I posted a tutorial about how to transfer images using a makeshift light box. Initially I hadn't planned on doing anything with the image I transferred. I figured since the marker was erasable I would just dunk it in some water and use it later, but then a sudden thought hit me! What if I were to embroider the image?!? I haven't done a whole lot of embroidery so I decided it would be good practice. And it was, I really think my skills improved, if only a little. I also learned some things to not do, like use a single layer of muslin and leave your thread tails trailing... Oh well. I will have to find a way of hiding my flaws when it comes time to finish my project.

        After finishing up the embroidery I had to figure out how to frame it. I just happened to have some scraps of blues and purples laying around that worked perfectly together.

        I waffled a little bit about adding the gray sashing/inner borders but I am really glad I decided to use th…

Big News and Business Cards!

Big news everyone! I am officially a business owner! I went legitimate and filed a bunch of paperwork! I even purchased business cards! How exciting! Well, once my business cards arrived I just had to make a little bag for them. It's just what I do.

        I started looking around online for a good model and found these adorable card holders but I was unable to find a clear pattern or tutorial. So of course I decided to make my own, with a few minor changes of course. These mini card wallets are incredible simple and quick to put together. My first one took about 20 minutes and so I decided to make a few more and share my process.
Here's what you need:

(2) 4.75" x 6" rectangles of fabric (outside/inside) (2) 2.75" x 4.75" rectangles of fabric (pockets) (2) 4"x 2" rectangles of fusible interfacing (1) 4" x 5.5" rectangle of fusible fleece 5" of elastic 5" of ribbon (optional) (1) clip/hook (optional)
Step 1: