Come Sail Away!

        A while ago I posted a tutorial about how to transfer images using a makeshift light box. Initially I hadn't planned on doing anything with the image I transferred. I figured since the marker was erasable I would just dunk it in some water and use it later, but then a sudden thought hit me! What if I were to embroider the image?!? I haven't done a whole lot of embroidery so I decided it would be good practice. And it was, I really think my skills improved, if only a little. I also learned some things to not do, like use a single layer of muslin and leave your thread tails trailing... Oh well. I will have to find a way of hiding my flaws when it comes time to finish my project.

        After finishing up the embroidery I had to figure out how to frame it. I just happened to have some scraps of blues and purples laying around that worked perfectly together.

        I waffled a little bit about adding the gray sashing/inner borders but I am really glad I decided to use them. I love the look of the alternating gray and blue borders.

         Gotta love the weird pink carpet in my sewing room :) I think I might have to use black batting to prevent the thread tails from showing. Yes, I think that will work nicely! I will also eventually have to decide how I want to quilt it. I thought that I might cover a piece of plywood with a layer of batting to make it a little puffy. I still might though that will require actually obtaining a piece of plywood. Otherwise I might leave the center of the embroidery unquilted with lines radiating outwards from the embroidered frame. Then I might just stitch in the ditch in the border. I know! It's so unlike me!

So many decisions! I will have to think!

Sew long for now! See what I did there ;)


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