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Too Excited to Wait!

I know! Two posts in a week! That's a lot for me but I was just too excited about my current project to wait! I am starting a series of quilted monograms!

        I thought it would be a fun way to practice fillers and lines as well as come up with a collection of things to sell in December. Of course I had to start with feathers and spirals, my all time favorite designs. I am really pleased with those feathers, I must admit!
        My second one is a big N (for Nate) and I think these first two will end up hanging on my wall for a bit. I can't wait to keep quilting!

That's all for now!

Lazy Week!

I have been bad, terrible even about posting this week. Monday rolled around and I thought to myself:

"I should probably write something"

        Then of course I forgot. We had plans to attend a Red Sox vs Mariners game at Safeco field in Seattle and my mind just wasn't on blogging. We had a blast though and I am now determined to learn as much as I can about baseball so I can complete with my husband for the title of "Die-Hard Fan" in our household. He's a Red Sox fan so of course I have to root for the Mariners. I think I might need a hat...
       Anyways, the game was awesome! I actually took a selfie! I never take selfies! That's how excited I was. I actually paid attention and knew what was going on! Hah! The Mariners are apparently doing well right now and won against the Red Sox for the first of what would be three times this week. I can't wait to go to another game :)

        Tuesday was much more laid back. Again I thought to myse…

Come Sail Away! Again!

I finally did it! I finished my "Come Sail Away" wholecloth! It took almost 3 months! Between running out of thread and waiting for my order to arrive and finishing up the other projects I started working on while I waited on my thread I thought I might never finish it. But after a few marathon quilting sessions I can officially say that every inch is quilted to my liking.

 Binding is of course another story completely.
 It will likely take years...
 I kid, i kid...

        I am really pleased with it and I have received such wonderful feedback from so many people. Tula Pink even commented on my Instagram post! It makes my heart glow with pride! you know, if you could see it.
        I am thinking about making another one that's a bit smaller because of all the interest. I might even make a few to sell although that would take a while. I would like to keep the center design the same size but make the background more compact. 

        I enjoyed quilting …

Business Has Begun!

It's official! I mean it was technically official before with all the paperwork and business cards but now it's really official. I recently completed and delivered my very first customer quilt! It took a bit of doing and some frustration over thread but once I got that worked out went well and I am glad to say she was pleased!

        Look at that awesomely complicated piecing and those super adorable embroidered frogs! It was so much fun to develop a plan for this quilt. We had discussed the idea of bedazzling and embellishing the quilt with beads and crystals that looked like little bugs so I thought it might be neat to have the background of the frogs to be looping and spiraling buggy trails. I also incorporated loops into the light blue pieces of the border. 

         I also just had to quilt some feathers. I love feathers. A lot! 

        The piecing featured so many fun shapes to fill in with feathers how could I possibly resist!

        Of course I just had to m…

Come Sail Away Mach 2 (Or 1...depending on how you want to think about it)

It's been months since I first sketched out my sailing ship and started quilting it into a whole cloth and I am ashamed to say that I am not quite done yet. I was able to finish it's slightly younger brother with embroidery and border it in blue and gray but somehow this one fell to the way side. At first there were distractions and new and exciting projects that tore me away. Then a few weeks ago I felt a resurgence of energy about it. I designed new elements and added several complimentary focus points. I was on a role, if I do say so myself, that is until I ran out of thread.

        Initially I thought that 2 spools would be enough to complete my project. I of course underestimated the density of my own quilting and now they are gone. I went back to my source (good old Island Quilter) only to remember that I had seen the very last spool set aside for some unknown customer. I hadn't thought twice about it at the time thinking I would have enough... I eventually …