Come Sail Away! Again!

        I finally did it! I finished my "Come Sail Away" wholecloth! It took almost 3 months! Between running out of thread and waiting for my order to arrive and finishing up the other projects I started working on while I waited on my thread I thought I might never finish it. But after a few marathon quilting sessions I can officially say that every inch is quilted to my liking.

 Binding is of course another story completely.

 It will likely take years...

 I kid, i kid...


        I am really pleased with it and I have received such wonderful feedback from so many people. Tula Pink even commented on my Instagram post! It makes my heart glow with pride! you know, if you could see it.

        I am thinking about making another one that's a bit smaller because of all the interest. I might even make a few to sell although that would take a while. I would like to keep the center design the same size but make the background more compact. 

        I enjoyed quilting all of the fillers but I think that less background would give the piece better balance. I guess we'll see. I love the octopus tentacles and will definitely include them. I might even add a few more shell designs. I am really pleased with the shell I included but It tends to get a little lost in the background. I will have to find a way to avoid this. 

        I LOVE the rope and anchor! I might even love them more than the ship! There is just something about the movement of the rope. I initially wanted to practice the shape for my "Anchors Aweigh" quilt which I finished a while ago. I really like the original quilting done by Angela Walters and want to do something similar, with a few additional details of course. Now I am even more convinced that this is a good idea haha! I look forward to practicing this again.     

       Before I start working on those quilts however, I have a few smaller projects which need some attention. "Come Sail Away Mach 2" is one of those projects.

         I also recently finished quilting this one and despite my usual tendencies I decided to go with some straight line and in the ditch quilting. I regret that decision. 

        I basted this poorly and as a result it shifted and scrunched. I like how the center turned out that I hate that it's unevenly poofy. The radiating lines help to accentuate the center design without distracting from it too much and I think the high loft batting gives the feeling of fluffy clouds but that's as far as my positive criticism goes. 

        While quilting this project I used my walking foot way more than I ever have before. And likely ever will again. my quilting stretched out my corners and now it looks all wibbly wobbly. I am really disappointing as I am sure I could have easily prevented this somehow. 

        Look at that! Yuck! I might be able to steam and stretch or dunk and block but I doubt I will be able to make it much better. For now, all that's left if the binding. Oh well, live and learn. I am still pleased with how the top turned out and I am glad I have so many pictures hah! All in all there are quite a few things I would do differently if I were to do it again. 

But such is life :) 

On to the next endeavor!


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