Come Sail Away Mach 2 (Or 1...depending on how you want to think about it)

        It's been months since I first sketched out my sailing ship and started quilting it into a whole cloth and I am ashamed to say that I am not quite done yet. I was able to finish it's slightly younger brother with embroidery and border it in blue and gray but somehow this one fell to the way side. At first there were distractions and new and exciting projects that tore me away. Then a few weeks ago I felt a resurgence of energy about it. I designed new elements and added several complimentary focus points. I was on a role, if I do say so myself, that is until I ran out of thread.

        Initially I thought that 2 spools would be enough to complete my project. I of course underestimated the density of my own quilting and now they are gone. I went back to my source (good old Island Quilter) only to remember that I had seen the very last spool set aside for some unknown customer. I hadn't thought twice about it at the time thinking I would have enough... I eventually went hunting through craft stores around the city only to discover that no one carries Mettler. What a shame! I eventually put in an order for a set of 5 and now patiently await there arrival. Although my patience is growing thin, I just want to quilt it so bad.

        I am really enjoying this quilt, even if it has taken 3 months or more. It had been fun to come up with different textures for water. And I can't wait to continue working on those tentacles.

        I also wanted to to practice quilting a rope as I intend to quilt one on my Tula Pink Anchors Aweigh quilt (at the bottom of the post). I love the original quilting and really want to emulate it, with a few modifications of course. That rope will be much larger and likely more difficult as it will be done on a long arm but I still look forward to trying it! 

I think I may be getting my thread soon and if so I may not get a chance to blog for a bit while I lock myself in my room to quilt! 

Only kidding, I also have to work :(

 Ah well, I will find the time somehow!


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